Dr Kataria inspired in 2007 the world Laughter Yoga community to play with the expression “very good, very good, yay!” and it has proved extremely popular.

Here is how it works:

  1. Clap your hands twice in front of you as you repeat each time: very good!
  2. Put both thumbs up, make eye contact with as many people as you can, and enthusiastically say: Yeah! (you may or may not want to lift both arms up as you do so.)

Here is how this expression translates in 29 different languages (thank you to Melanie Rudolph for starting this compilation).

Afrikaans Baie Goed, Baie Goed Yey!
Arabic Kteer Mneeh Kteer Mneeh Ehh!
Armenian Shad lav shad lav or bagus bagus yeah!
Burma: Ree Doo Mah, Ree Doo Mah, EAYYY!
chinese: Fei-chang-hau fei-chang-hau yay!
Croatian Dobro je dobro je jeeeeeej!
Danish: Rigtig dejlig rigtig dejlig aar!
Dutch: Heel goed , heel goed Ja!
English Very Good Very Good Yeah !!!
Filipino: Magaling Magaling Magaling!!! Wuhoooooo!!!! Wootwoot!
Finnish: Tosi hyvä, tosi hyvä, jee!”
French: C’est super, C’est super, Yéééééééééé! or C’est superbe, c’est superbe, ouiiiiiiiiiii!
Gaelic Gle mhah, gle mhah!
German: Sehr gut, sehr gut – yeah!
Gujerati: ketlu saaroo ketlu saroo Yey!
Hebrew: Tov Meod Tov Meod Yesh!
Hindi bahut acchaa , bahut acchaa , yeeeeeee!
Hungarian Jaj de jo, Jaj de jo, Hurra!!!!
Indonesia Bagus..bagus sekali, yaaayyy!
Italian Molto bene, molto bene, yeah!
Japanese Iizo iizo yeah!
Lithuanian Labai gerai labai gerai, jeeee!
Norwegian Veldig Bra Veldig Bra!
Portuguese Muito Bom Muito Bom Sim!
Spanish Muy bien muy bien yeah!
Sweden Mycket Bra, Mycket Bra, Ja!
Tamil Rombo Nalla Irukku, Rombo Nalla Irukku, Yey!”
Telugu Chaala Bagundhi, Chaala Bagundhi, He!
Turkish Hah hah hah Çok?yi Çok?yi, Evet!

Do you want translation in more languages? Use https://translate.google.com

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