Learn 65 Foundational Laughter Yoga Exercises

Learn 65 Foundational Laughter Yoga Exercises [DVD Download]


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Discover The World's Happiest Workout! Laugh as you learn 65 foundational Laughter Yoga exercises and how create your own! Laughter Yoga is a major development in the field of mood and health enhancing exercise. This video introduces you to a joyful practice that combines simulated laughter with gentle yoga breathing techniques. People of all ages and fitness levels can practice and benefit from it.

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–  Introduction: 00:00 - 03:12
–  15 Classic Laughter Yoga Exercises: 03:13 - 14:34
–  3 Classic Laughter Yoga Themes: 14:35 -24:58 
–  35 Ideas To Create Your Own Exercises: 24:59 - 41:56
–  Closing: 41:57 - 43:13

Author:Sebastien Gendry

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