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This is the ultimate guide to the laughter exercises (Laughter Therapy, Laughter Wellness, Laughter Yoga) that fuel the creativity of 1000s of community laughter clubs worldwide, now in its third edition. An ideal resource for those who are seeking and/or want to teach the physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual benefits of laughter.

Author: Sebastian Gendry

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Teaser: Here are the first 40 "basic" laughter exercises in this ebook:

  1. 30 Seconds Laughter: Laugh non-stop for 30 seconds.
  2. Army Salute Laughter Greeting: Laugh as you salute every person and every object you see by bringing one hand to your forehead.
  3. Asian Greeting Laughter: Laugh as you bow one to another in greeting with both hands at your sides.
  4. Body Wake Up Laughter: Laugh as you gently slap your body. Start on the left at the shoulder going towards the hand with the palm facing up, and come back towards your body slapping the bottom of your extended arm. Go down the left side and the outside of the left leg using both hands, then come back up the inside of that leg, slap your lower and upper abdomen and left chest. Repeat on the right side.
  5. Breath Holding Technique: Inhale deeply as you raise your arms over your head and hold your breath while stretching the spine backwards. Burst out laughing when you can’t hold your breath any longer. This builds up pressure inside the lungs and facilitates the laughter. You can do this with your eyes opened or closed.
  6. Broken Motor Laughter: Try to start your gas-powered laughter motor but it just sputters.
  7. Cue Cards Laughter: Write laugh sounds on cards and hold them up for the group to see and then practice until you show them another one. For example HI, HA, HEY, HOOT, TEE HEE, HUM… Download ready-made cards at http://goo.gl/l2y3RW
  8. Enthusiastic Best Fake Laugh: Practice your best fake laugh with LOTS of enthusiasm!
  9. Fastest Greeting Handshake In The West: Slowly pull one hand out of your pocket as if drawing a gun, while making an extended "aeeeeee" sound. Then suddenly shake hands with someone else and laugh.
  10. Finger Roller Coaster: With your right palm facing you, use your left thumb to "trace" an outline of your hand (starting with your pinky finger), as you make an extended "aeeee" sound. Once you reach your thumb, laugh and repeat in the opposite direction. Continue laughing and going back and forth in this manner several times, then repeat with the other hand.
  11. Fruit Picking Laughter: Make an extended "aeeeee" sound as you stretch upward, then laugh as you pick fruits on high branches.
  12. Gift Of Laughter: Give to the people around you the gift of laughter.
  13. Gradient Laughter: Let the laughter slowly and gently flow into you. Start with your toes giggling, then move up the whole body, slowly turning those giggle into a laugh. Gradually increase your laughter in tempo and volume.
  14. HA! Tension And Relaxation: Chant "aeeeee" as you tighten and lift up your right arm and shoulder, then loudly say "HA!" as thrust your right hand downward. Relax and repeat on the left side, then with both arms and shoulders. Repeat this whole sequence with your legs. Repeat this whole sequence using both a leg and an arm at the same time. To conclude, slap one knee and say HA! Slap the other knee and say HA! Lean forward, slowly raise and lower one hand as you make an extended "aeeee" sound, then using both hands slap your knees several times in rapid succession and laugh as you hop around.
  15. Happy Memories Chuckle: Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths as you go back in time looking for a happy memory where you laughed. When you have it, laugh now as if you were back then.
  16. Hearty Laughter: Make an elongated "aeeee" sound as you slowly lift both arms all the way up, then laugh heartily with your hands pointed to the sky. Imagine that your laughter is coming straight from your heart.
  17. Just Laugh: Laugh as you shrug your shoulders, as if to say “I don’t know why I am laughing and I certainly don’t know why YOU are laughing either.”
  18. Lady-Like Laughter: Make eye contact with the people around you and laugh like a lady (or a gentleman).
  19. Laughter Counting: With conviction, say HA! Then HA! HA! Then HA! HA! HA! And so on until all you can hear is a continuous laugh.
  20. Laughter Ears Closed: Hold your ears closed with your fingers or hands and listen to the sound of your own laughter.
  21. Laughter Gauge: How deep is your laughter reservoir? Laugh as you pull an imaginary gauge that never ends out of your belly button.
  22. Laughter Hands Shake: Lift your left hand up and laugh as you shake it vigorously for 20 seconds or so. Relax, then lift the right hand up and do the same. Relax, then lift both hands up and do the same.
  23. Laughter Handshake Greeting: Shake hands and laugh with as many people as you can. If you cannot shake hands, then wave hello. If done as a group exercise, only let go of the hand you are shaking when you are shaking another one.
  24. Laughter Hiccups: Laugh and add a hiccup every few seconds.
  25. Laughter Humming: Laugh as you hum, mouth closed. Play with the pitch, up and down the scale, feeling the vibrations resonate through your body. As you get more adapt at feeling the resonation, try and move it deliberately, through your chest, your jaw, your nose, your sinus cavities, your forehead, the top of your head, then back down again.
  26. Laughter Multiplication: Bring both hands in front of you, all fingers closed into a fist except for your index fingers that are pointing up. Chant an extended "aeeee" sound as you bring both your index fingers one towards the other, and laugh as you "bounce" them apart and now show two fingers pointing up in each hand (index and middle finger). Repeat, increasing the number of fingers pointing up each time.
  27. Laughter Pulse: Laugh in a manner that expresses you are currently feeling.
  28. Laughter Sneeze: Sneeze and laugh. Ah, aaah, aaaaaaaah ha! ha! ha! ha!
  29. Laughter Sounds: Let’s start with “A” as in “papa”. Aaaaa ha ha ha ha ha. Then “E” as in “free”. Eeeee he he he he he. Next is “I” as in “pie” iiiii hi hi hi hi hi. Next is “O” as in “Bingo”. Ooooo ho ho ho ho ho. Last is “U” as in “soup”. Uuuuu hu hu hu hu hu. Excellent! Now repeat, but backwards.
  30. Laughter Thumb Race: With your right palm facing you, start at your pinkie finger and weave your left thumb back and forth through your fingers. Make an extended "aeeeee" sound while doing this. Once you get to your thumb, repeat the movement in the opposite direction, this time while laughing. Do this a few times, then repeat with the other hand.
  31. Laughter Vowels: Take a long breath and elongate your vowels saying Haaaa Haaaa Haaaa Haaaaa Haaa five to seven times. Then try to laugh and keep laughing until you run out of breath. Repeat with He, Ho, Hu, etc.
  32. Mouth Zipper Laughter: Imagine there is a zipper on your mouth. Each time you close it, you become mute. Each time you open it, you laugh. Keep opening and closing it. Laugh accordingly.
  33. Namaste Laughter (aka Indian Greeting Laughter): Place the palms of the hands together in front of your heart and laugh as you bow slightly one to another, keeping eye contact. No words need to be spoken. Namaste means "the light in me bows to the light in you".
  34. Omnidirectional Laughter: Laugh as you turn around in all directions.
  35. Pen In The Mouth Laughter: Invite all to hold a pen (or drinking straws if you can provide those) sideways in their mouth between the teeth, while laughing. The pen should not touch the lips. Research on stress reduction shows that doing this for three minutes reduces the stress response and starts the production of beta-endorphins, the feel-good chemicals.
  36. Stuck Smile Laughter: With mouth wide open, freeze your smile, make eye contact with those around you, and just laugh.
  37. Tai Chi Laughter: Feet are shoulder-width apart, knees are slightly bent, arms are at your side. With palms facing up, inhale, and raise your arms out to the side and over the head, making a large circle. Straighten your legs as you make move the arms overhead. Then laugh as you bring your arms down in front of your body, palms down, to the area right below the navel. Bend your knees as you make this motion. Imagine collecting health, joy and vitality.
  38. Transforming Negatives Into Positives: Pretend catching a negative vibration in the air with both cupped hands and with a sharp "Ha!" sound. Bring your hands to your mouth and laugh into them a laughter of transformation, then let the (now positive) vibrations joyfully fly away. Repeat.
  39. Tropical Waterfall Laughter: Close your eyes. Laugh as you imagine taking a shower under a warm tropical waterfall.
  40. Wiggly Fingers Laughter: Face each palm other with fingers spread out. Say "Ha!" as you let both thumbs touch. Say "Ha! Ha!" as you let both index fingers touch. Say "Ha! Ha! Ha!" as you let both middle fingers touch. Say "Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" as you let both ring fingers touch. Say "Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! " as you let both little fingers touch. Then quickly tap and wiggle your fingertips on each other and laugh.

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