>>How To Start A Community Laughter Club

How To Start A Community Laughter Club

Best of Laughter Exercises Seriously consider starting or actively participating in Community Laughter Clubs, which are loosely defined as informal groups of people who get together to laugh as a form of exercise. They are fully independent, not-for-profit, non-political, non-religious and non-competitive community-based associations of diverse people who choose to be happy. Everyone is welcome. Each club defines its own meeting frequency.

No one needs permission to start a Laughter Club. They do not report to anybody, are not told what to do, and do not pay royalties to anybody.

Registration is not required although appreciated. Listing your Community Laughter Club helps to put even more people in touch. The main directory of Community Laughter Clubs in the world is here.

Important considerations

Know your big “why?”

Be clear in your intention – leave no room for wandering doubt that will throw you off course.

Although every Laughter Instructor brings their own personality and history to the challenge of organizing and conducting the laughter sessions, the most effective instructors are found to be dedicated, passionate and compassionate, stimulating, persuasive, compelling, energetic, vibrant, full-of-life, animated, whole-hearted, accepting, optimistic, “encouragers.”

Set the tone: Believe in yourself and others. This is going to be your baby for a while.

What will it look like?

Free vs Fee
When and how often will you meet?
Where will you meet?

Secrets of Community Laughter Club success

Make it a collective effort
Create a social support network
Connect to the larger community

The legal side

Should I ask participants to sign a non-disclaimer form each time we laugh together?
Should I have public liability insurance?
Photo/video release form

Online and telephone Laughter Clubs

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About the Author:

Sebastien Gendry is a speaker, trainer and consultant, expert in laughter for wellness and wellbeing. He played a major role in introducing Laughter Therapy in North America, Russia, Palestine and other countries, inspired the creation of 100s of Laughter Clubs worldwide, and is the creator of the Laughter Wellness method. He has been offering a variety of laughter programs every year on three to four continents for the past decade and continues to do so.

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