Recently I visited a business that was in trouble. Sales were down. I asked them to give me their standard sales spin and within minutes it was obvious what the problem was. They were talking about the benefits, and selling the features. It should be the other way around.

Liken this to buying a car. The car is an automatic, has leather seats, a surround sound audio system, and sporty exterior. These are nice to have…features. It has a 4 cylinder engine that reduces petrol costs, six airbags that will save your life, rear parking sensors that will prevent an accident, and three years free servicing and warranty for cost free motoring. These are must have…benefits.

When we talk about Laughter Yoga we need to be clear about the features and benefits. This is not only when we are trying to get work, but also in our presentations.

Here are some tips regarding features and benefits:

  1. Know the problems that your client is facing and stories of how Laughter Yoga can solve them.
  2. Talk less about features and more about benefits. Know how Laughter Yoga achieves benefits.
  3. Talk about the features first and the benefits last. People remember the last thing said and not the first.
  4. Have some research and data to back up your claims. Research focuses on benefits.
  5. For a business, the benefits are increases in productivity or profit, or decreases in waste and costs.

If you have any further questions about “Features and Benefits”, please feel free to email me at [email protected] at any time.