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LOU Web F.A.Q.

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We are 100% transparent. What we charge is what it costs.

Yes. The real question however is how easy or involved this is going to be. We need to talk.

No we do not, but we can easily get a domain name for you.

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. The most secure option is to have a free email with Gmail, Yahoo or Microsoft (We prefer Gmail.)

Yes. All our designs are fully responsive.

We follow hosting industry standards. For most people bandwidth will never be an issue unless you become world-famous overnight, in which case it would be an issue regardless of who you are hosting your website with.

We follow industry standards. The answer is “as fast as everywhere else” in our price-range.

Click on “Contact” in the menu at the top of this page.

Yes we do, and what that entails exactly is something we’ll discuss together before you first sign-up.

Yes. (And we’ll secure it too!)

That depends on what it is you are contracting us to do. We are 100% transparent. You will always know upfront how much we charge in total. We have not hidden extra fees.

We’re on your team and will help you as best we can, and this is something we’ll discuss before you sign-up with us as we first need to understand how simple or elaborate your website migration is.

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