Ramon Mora-RipoliRamon Mora-Ripoll is a MD, PhD, trained on epidemiology, biostatistics, preventive medicine, public health, health economics and lifestyle medicine, including mind-body therapies like therapeutic humor and laughter, a field in which he is specialized. He has published a handbook on laughter medicine/therapy and many other journal articles on therapeutic laughter, including simulated laughter, my current area of interest and research.

He found himself stydying humor and laughter as a form of therapy at work. His colleagues used to tell him that his laughter was so contagious and that he was always positive and in a good mood, that it made them feel better, more motivated and in a happier enviromment. Therefore he decided to find out how humor and laughter were associated with health benefits, and he found a whole world of research to be widened and completed.

Published work includes:

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