Dr. Masaru Emoto has done some interesting work studying the impact human consciousness has on the molecular structure of water. His findings are relevant to this course because the human body is 50-75% water, so if how we feel impacts health, then laughter is a blessing because it does change how we feel for the better. His work is seen as controversial by some, yet I wonder how well understood he is. You can read more at http://lou.pm/emoto1 and http://lou.pm/emoto2. I invite you to try one of his simple experiments and observe for yourself how emotions impact life.

Place one cup of cooked rice into two separate containers. Place a lid on each. Mark one container with a positive phrase, e.g., “Thank You Rice.” Mark the other container with a negative phrase, e.g., “Stupid Rice.” Place them somewhere safe in your house that you visit often (e.g., the kitchen) at least 12 inches apart. Once or more every day for 30 days say aloud to each rice container the phrase written on it. This may sound strange but just try it. The whole point of an experiment is to see if it works or not. Try to speak your words with genuine feelings. Say “thank you” from a place of gratitude and “stupid” from a place of anger and frustration.

Here is what you may expect to find at the end of the month:

There are many more similar videos at here.