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The online laughter session planner is an online database of over 1,001 exercises, activities and games that can be used during laughter programs. What is unique about it is that these exercises are grouped in 10 main categories and searchable using 24 different selection criteria, all within a user friendly interface that’s available 24/7/365, from your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Planning high quality short laughter sessions or day-long workshops has never been easier. The online laughter session planner is the ultimate tool for complete beginners and seasoned laughter professionals alike.

Discover the coolest 21st century tool to unearth your mirth, consistently! No more spending untold amount of time and resources to find old or new joy-filled exercises for yourself and your group activities!

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Demo version, limited functionalities.

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$39/year • Includes the following 3 eBooks:
505 Best of Laughter Exercises ($17.99 value)
10 Laughter Session Plans ($9.99 value)
The Laughter Yoga Card Deck, 48 Exercises For Children, Seniors & Cardio Workout ($7.99 value)

Packaged with the LOU Pro Library

$99/year • Too many good stuff to list here, starting with a weekly 30-minute online laughter wellness class (all recorded for easy replay). Read more.

What’s inside

What are the 10 exercise categories and what is in each?
What are the 24 selection criteria and what do they mean?