We Motivate

We teach individuals and teams easy and effective ways to naturally diffuse stress, optimize wellbeing, and build group identity, solidarity, and cohesiveness.

Discover the simplest and most joyful way to exhale and move possibilities back into your life and work! We’re your experts of choice for impactful, hands-on, fast-acting wellness and wellbeing programs and services, with a laughter advantage. Our engaging and informative programs are tailored to your organization’s specific needs and culture and help create lasting change.

  • All can participate
  • Easy to implement
  • Fast-acting
  • Measurable results
  • Anchored in science

  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Can be delivered online
  • Experiential learning model
  • We can work with any size audience
  • We’re professional, flexible & fun!

Our Philosophy

We believe in creating sound human connections, educating people, delivering sustainable outcomes, and R.O.I.

Here are the cornerstones of our philosophy:

  • Creating Connections. We believe there must be an emotional connection to learning and development. Our Laughter Consultants are experts in behavior change and creative facilitation. We use humor and laughter to embed learning and provide an effective and successful, innovative approach to behavior change.
  • Developing People. We believe that personal development and engagement are at the core of any organization in business, learning, health, or well-being.
  • Delivering Sustainable Outcomes. We learn and change behavior depending on our emotive response. Therefore, creating a positive emotional reaction to learning sustains motivation. Your team and individuals are more likely to be motivated and to continue the working style you want if they are happy and feel valued. We do precisely this.
  • Return on investment is as essential to us as it is to you. It is why all our programs are monitored and measured with you. We know it works and so do our clients, which is why they keep returning.

what clients are saying

“At Satellite Healthcare we believe that laughter has a lot of potential in our clinics. We found LOU’s contribution most helpful in designing our in-house program. The Laughter Wellness approach is brilliant for people with chronic conditions such as those with chronic kidney disease.”

Prof Paul Bennett, MHSM PhD. Director-Medical & Clinical Affairs, Satellite Healthcare

“The workshops were a great success! The friendly and professional demeanor of our Laughter Consultant made the participants feel immediately comfortable and set the perfect tone. Everyone involved left with big smiles on their faces, and we continue to receive very positive feedback.”

Bonnie Poon, Manager of Public Programs, University of California, Los Angeles
“Our Laughter Consultant was professional, relaxed, accommodating, and delightful to work with. His session was both informative and fun. The program was well-received by our team, and brought a memorable element of joy to our meeting. It connected our team in a unique way and left us all grinning!”

Natalie Griffin, Senior Accountant, Duke Corporate Education

“We provide training to front line staff so that they may better serve our clients. Your program was rated as excellent. Here is one quote, ‘My whole life has been changed.’ Thank you for sharing your expertise with us!”

Barbara H. Linski, President, ADSC, L.A. County
And Many More!

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