This advanced 9-month training level is for you if you have completed module 1 and module 2 or equivalent (talk to us about your particular situation), and want to develop the skills and confidence to run your own laughter business, part time or full time, and offer a variety of for-fee laughter programs in your community. You will also learn how to offer the module 1 and 2 Laughter Wellness training levels. Instructors: Sebastian Gendry and guest teachers.

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Important: Completing module 1 and module 2 or an equivalent training level (talk to us about your particular situation) is a pre-requisite for joining this course because we already have a full agenda and there won't be time to backtrack.

What you should know and have integrated before joining the module 3 training

Here is a brief summary of what was studied and practiced over the course of 38 hours in module 1:

1) Science of laughter and theoretical framework of Laughter Wellness: Understand the 5 categories, 2 polarities of laughter + 5 areas of benefits. Mostly: What to say (and not to say) to motivate others to participate: 5 simple, effective and interactive techniques to convey the benefits of laughter, 8 common laughter myths you need to forget and what to say instead. Contraindications to laughter.

2) Laughter and me: How to unlock our access to laughter, at home and at work. The 5 laughter sounds. The role laughter plays in emotional well-being and stress management, what it can and can’t do, and what working with this knowledge looks like in everyday life. Laughter and dancing, singing, gibberish, shaking. Laughter and freedom of expression, self-confidence, creativity. Laughter in romantic relationships.

3) Laughter and we: How to facilitate group laughter interventions from start to finish in 5 simple steps. 100 foundational Laughter Wellness exercises (solo, 1-1, partner and group). The Laughter Wellness code of ethics and guiding principles. The legal side: What you need to know, have and do, and what not. Teaching tips + how to handle common challenges. Secrets of laughter clubs success: How to get started and thrive.

…and here is a brief summary of what was studied and practiced over the course of 37 hours in module 2:

4) Things you need to know about be able to explain: Laughter Therapy across the ages and continents: Important lessons and teachings from the past. The shared history and complementarities between Laughter Yoga and Laughter Wellness. Science of laughter beyond the basics. Important laughter trivia.

5) Technical knowledge you need to know: The professional approach to facilitating group laughter interventions in 5 simple steps. 200 most popular Laughter Wellness exercises and activities (solo, 1-1, partner and group, standing, seated and on the floor, icebreakers, singing & dancing activities). The HEAL protocol and associated visualizations. Pranayahahama and other powerful relaxation techniques. How to work with difficult people and in challenging environments. How to work with laughter and tears. Theory of humor and fun, the play community, how to keep all excited and involved at the top of their respective abilities, games that make people laugh.

6) How to work with children: Understanding their needs, age-group by age group. General tips and tricks. Laughter themes, creativity in laughter. Exercises that work well.

7) How to work with seniors and the chair-bound: Understanding age-care, frequently asked questions. Important advice, exercises that work well. The soapy slope technique, empowering conversations, how to create your own laughter exercises, 117,600+ variations for any 1 exercise. Introduction to laughing with Alzheimer and Dementia.

The module 3 agenda focuses on:

  • Beyond 90 minutes: 1/2 day and full day playshops
  • Laughter and healing: From Ha Ha to Aha…
  • Laughter in higher education
  • Laughter and public speaking, conference keynotes
  • Laughter Coaching
  • The Laughter Wellness module 1 and 2 trainings
  • Running a successful laughter business
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