Laughter Wellness

A New Vision Of Wellness

Level-up your life and work with the power of positive energies!

Laughter Wellness is a complete and fast-acting well-being program that promotes healthy living throughout people’s lifespan. What people appreciate and value the most about it is the richness, depth, and breadth of its approach. It was developed by Sebastian Gendry over 10 years of full time practice offering a variety of laughter programs to thousands of people on five continents. It offers hundreds of reliable, joy-filled and documented techniques and exercises that you can implement right away and get results from.

How It Works
Top 10 Characteristics
  • Anchored in science

  • Safe

  • Easy-to-use

  • Fast-acting

  • Measurable results

  • Sustainable

  • Reliable

  • Versatile

  • Relevant throughout people’s lifespan

  • Fun!

How It Works
In a nutshell: It is possible to systematically train your mind so that you identify and cultivate positive mental states while eliminating the negative ones, and this is what Laughter Wellness ultimately aims to do.
In a nutshell: It is possible to systematically train your mind so that you identify and cultivate positive mental states while eliminating the negative ones, and this is what Laughter Wellness ultimately aims to do.
Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

Here is the foundation upon which Laughter Wellness is built:

Laughter Wellness aims to inspire, empower, and overall make people think. Its purpose is not to fix anything or anybody. Its fundamental belief is that change is impossible because there is nothing to change. All you can do is choose a different way of being in the face of what is, whatever that is.

Laughter Wellness postulates that the benefits of laughter are not primarily tied to the physical act of laughing itself but to a mix of variables. It is not what you do that’s most important, but why you are doing it. Don’t fake or force your laughter, for this may make you feel worse if you’re being phony or inauthentic. Rather, choose to laugh as a symbolic expression of the best of who you are or could be at any given moment, using whatever energies are available to you.

Learning to narrow down your life to the present moment is key. When you become deeply aware of the present moment, you have peace. This is why Laughter Wellness is designed to promote the trifecta of happiness: a sense of fullness, feeling anchored in the present, and a sense of freedom.

Laughter Wellness operates under the understanding that no part of the body/mind/spirit complex, and no part of the brain, works alone. It promotes neuroplasticity and growth experiences using a variety of joy-filled tools, techniques, and exercises.

The energy of play manifests itself in three distinct phases going from less to more that must be respected. Ignore this and everything you do will be judged rather than experienced, in turn greatly impacting how much people can benefit from it.

Code of Ethics

Here is the Laughter Wellness code of ethics and best practices:

  • Be transparent and honest. Respect others and credit them for their achievements and ideas. Shine your own light in your own way.
  • Keep your behavior, manners, language, attitudes –everything about you– consistent in everything you do. Maintain a connection between your words and actions, between who you are as a person and who you are as a professional, between how you act in private and how you act in business.
  • Be accountable, honest and forthright in everything.
  • Willingly and freely help others without expectations of getting something in return.
  • Have the courage to acknowledge your emotions and communicate honestly with others.

Strive for smoothness and elegance in your ability to handle and adapt to change, inside and outside the classroom.

  • Go from less to more in your professional and therapeutic approach towards wellness and well-being, not the opposite.
  • Know how to adapt to people’s ever-changing emotional states and  choose the best moment for specific techniques and exercises.

Know how to create safe spaces, free from harm or danger and where all feel welcome, at ease, and participate out of choice rather than obligation. Understand and respect autonomy and free choice.

  • Strive for expertise in the skills and tools necessary to do your job at your training level.
  • Appreciate and support those you work with.
  • Practice good manners and proper etiquette.
  • Have high ethical and moral standards.
  • Be honest and fair in all of your dealings with others.
Next Steps
Laughter Wellness helps you be more aligned with the best version of you
Laughter Wellness helps you be less unbalanced