Laughter Clubs are loosely defined as fully independent and self-managed local gatherings of people who just want to laugh as a form of exercise and proactively choose to feel good about themselves and the world they live in with other like-minded individuals.

  • How: You don’t need to feel good or have a reason to laugh. What you will practice in Laughter Clubs is like letting bread dough rise in a warm spot, because at the end you will feel the rise and expansion of your well-being. Learn more.
  • Who: All the resources mentioned on this page (in particular the phone Laughter Clubs) are offered by volunteers out of their goodwill. They do not report to us. What is posted here is what we know. If something is not posted here (e.g., a possible Laughter Club near your particular location) then we don’t know about it and won’t be able to advise you further.
  • Why: Laughter Clubs may be entertaining but they’re not about entertainment. Above and beyond the many health benefits of laughter, they provide a safe, fun, and very connecting way to work on valuable soft skills.
Important: Laughter Clubs do not belong to any particular tradition or school of laughter. Facilitation styles will vary greatly, from gentle to exuberant, and light-hearted to deeply meaningful. If you don’t like one particular style, try another one!

How To Find Laughter Clubs Near You
There is no single, central database for laughter clubs around the world, and it is hard for the websites that try to keep track to stay up-to-date with valid information. It’s a good idea to contact the contact person for the particular club you may find before you show up. The information you have seen online may not be current anymore.

Here is how to find out what’s where:

  • The best way  is to ask for “laughter club in YOUR TOWN YOUR STATE/COUNTRY”
  • There is an international directory of Laughter Yoga Clubs here.
  • There is a directory of Laughter Yoga Clubs in the UK here and in Italy here.
  • The Laughter Wellness groups (online) are listed here.
Here is a video of what you can expect:

Telephone Laughter Clubs
In the USA:

Laughter party on the phone with Celia and friends: 7 days a week, 8am to 8:20am PST. Also at 5pm on Thursday. Call (605) 475-3200 code: 523391 #
More info at

“Laughter on the Phone”: Daily, almost hourly.
Read more and get an up-to-date schedule at

What to expect

Listen to sample call #1: 20 minutes, with some explanations

Listen to sample call #2: 14 minutes, non-stop laughter

Listen to sample call #3: 13 minutes, very playful

Laughing Tips For Beginners

  • Make a choice to laugh and make a decision to be playful and to have fun.
  • Show up every day.
  • Make it easy – do not try hard.
  • Leave your “serious mind” behind and bring a happy face with you.
  • Do not over-think….you will have 23+ hours to think more
  • Allow it – laughter is inside of us. It is our true nature.
  • Smile
  • Relax and let go
  • Take yourself lightly – laugh at yourself.
  • Challenge your thoughts and beliefs: If you think: “I do not know how to laugh”, “I need to have a reason”, “I have to feel good” etc.
  • Do not multi-task.
  • Open your mouth wide, keep your chin up, stick your tongue out.
  • Experiment with position – sit, jump&shake, lie down on your back, laugh with closed eyes.
  • Experiment with different laughs – high pitch laugh, low pitch laugh.
  • Echo someone’s laughter.
  • SILLY is OK… it is perfectly OK and freeing to make funny sounds, funny noises, singing, talking in Gibberish and laughing out loud….children do it all the time.
  • Enjoy the present moment and opportunity to laugh with others.
  • If you still do not feel like laughing- laugh gently anyway.
  • Trust the playful child inside of you – she/he will take you all the way to your blissful playground.
  • Come back for more and bring your friends and family members —“Laughter is the best medicine”.
  • Laughter is the shortest distance between people
  • Laughter is an instant vacation.
  • Spread Smiles and Laughter wherever you go.
  • Live life laughing! Follow your bliss! Share all that you are! Be the change you want to see in the world!

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