This VIP training package is of interest and value to anybody, from beginner level to advanced, who want to learn how to teach a live and interactive Laughter Wellness class, including online. As a matter of fact over 30% of all the people who have purchased it so far are happy seasoned laughter professionals looking to refresh, renew and refine their facilitation skills. You will learn more than you typically learn in a 2-day in-person laughter training.
Laughter Wellness is a complete and fast-acting well-being program designed to shift energies up while promoting multiple aspects of health in body, mind and spirit, at home and at work. How it works is a simple and safe 5-step process designed to scaffold people’s laughter circuitry and experience of presence in a fun and fluid way.
This was a high value experience filled with very good resources and feedback.
Todd Hart
What you getYes!
Lifetime access to a comprehensive online training module “Laughter Wellness in 5 Easy Steps” (7+ hours of structured training material). Open 24/7/365!
Ready-made downloadable professional scripts and templates that you can use right away and get immediate results from. Includes answer to frequently asked questions, misc. forms you may need (e.g., disclaimer form, evaluation form) as well as ready-made promotional material you can use to advertise your event.
Practice partner directory so that you can improve your laughter facilitation skills with other participants on day(s) and time(s) convenient to both…
Whatsapp group to share and grow with like-minded spirits
eBook 505 Best Of Laughter Exercises ($17.99 value)
Certificate of completion
30-day money back guarantee!!!

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The information was useful and robust. I loved interacting with others in the breakout rooms. It gave me confidence to try zoom. My laughter yoga club was cancelled and I am planning on an online format. I like how you modeled connectivity online. I feared it would lose something being in different locations but we bridged the distance through laughter.
Ellen Klein
I learned how to run a Laughter Wellness event – which was great! – but there was more. This masterclass also gave me lots of valuable ideas for engaging people through laughter with what I do. It is now easy for me to laugh. What I learned will help me help others to laugh easily as well.
Georgiana Johnson
Laughter Wellness masterclasses will stimulate your present efforts for total health. It’s a shot-in-the-arm. I found it money well spent.
Lea Pierce
This is an awesome learning experience at an amazing value that you can take advantage of without travelling! I was initially concerned about a 2.5hr webinar, but it was so highly interactive that the time passed quickly by! I loved the break-out sessions so we could practice live with a partner what we were learning and then discuss it! This has helped me become a better, more effective laughter leader.
Miriam Gassman
I will let everyone see the certificate when I finish the course because Laughter Wellness is a real and very important way to combat negativity and raise the energy in the world now. Before I tried to just make people laugh and found that it’s very difficult to do, but now I know better! The system I’ve learned here is simple and will work for me.
Carol Lanois
Laughter Wellness introductory online training
Laughter Wellness introductory online training
Laughter Wellness introductory online training

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I had just scheduled my 1st two Laughter classes and this makes me feel sooo much more confident about leading them. The info on the neurobiology is aligned with my being a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. Part of the reason for teaching Laughter classes is as marketing for my counseling business, so having the process grounded in neurobiology is aligned with that. Sebastian has created a thorough webinar, fun, easy to follow, with helpful small group exercises/ practice and supportive materials to download.
Susan Atchison
This masterclass teaches one to deliver a Laughter wellness session in a user friendly way that aims for a deeper connection. It has deepened my understanding of laughter. I have also learned how to introduce myself and how to deliver a laughter session in a concise easy format that encourages connection and trust. I now plan to restart my laughter sessions with renewed energy!
Janice Fisher
Flyer included in the online training “Laughter Wellness In 5 Easy Steps” (editable pdf format):