I offered a training in France this past week-end to a happy group of 36 people, most of them members of the Nantes Laughter Club. I may be wrong but believe this particular Laughter Club is the most successful in the Western world. They have 12 years of history, 4 classes per week with an average attendance of 15-30 participants each time and growing, and an army of volunteer instructors. The secret is in the team.

This club was run by 1 person only 5 years ago and about to die. Attendance was dwindling. She did not want to stop but felt very much burned out and alone doing this. In despair and as a last attempt she motivated 4 of her participants to attend a 2-day Laughter Wellness training and that flipped everything around.

They started to share the teaching, their ideas and session plans, and created a laughter library on a shared google drive. Nobody had to commit to be there every time. It was much easier for all. Attendance kept growing steadily. Participants enjoyed the variety as they had a different instructor every time.

All are volunteers but there is an annual membership fee of $25 and any extra donations are welcome but not required. They now use that money to have new people trained every year, old instructors to take refresher courses, and interested people to learn new techniques that can benefit all.

I have already written on what to do for Laughter Clubs to grow and thrive here. It was beautiful to see it implemented.

This shining example of what could be is very relevant, because most Laughter Clubs I know of only are struggling and eventually die. People start one with much enthusiasm and then slowly wake up to the reality that you it’s very hard to do anything on your own.

If you run a Laughter Club yourself do not let this happen to you! Build up your team. Let others teach. Send new people to trainings and attend refresher courses yourself with people who inspire you to stay motivated and full of new ideas.

If you have a group of at least 6 participants we can talk about organizing a training at your location. Contact me to discuss (laugh AT thelaughterconsultants.com).

Success to you!

PS: You can see the pictures from this training in France here. So much fun!

Watch a summary video below: