Laugh TherapyHere are 99 creative ways to bring more laugh therapy into your life. See whether any of these ideas tickle your funny bone!

  1. Start smiling back at the shops and checkouts. A smile helps to strike up a random conversation that may lead to laughter as it is random.
  2. Give genuine and generous compliments whenever you have the opportunity. We all are suckers for compliments, most of the obvious reaction is laughter.
  3. Share your innermost Irrational fears with some friends you can trust. We all have Irrational and unreasonable fears, they do not have any rational basis, though they are there to be laughed at.
  4. Get friends and/or family together to play a fun game such as Charades, In The Manner Of, Werewolf Game, etc.
  5. Read a laugh out novel, there are so many of them, latest one I read is called ‘100 Year Old Man Walked Out of the Window and Disappeared‘.
  6. Watch your favorite comedy series or movie again. Last one I saw on Netflix was ‘One Night in Istanbul’ It’s hilarious.
  7. Start writing in your diary on a daily basis stories starting something like ‘A funny thing happened today’ writing the most routine and mundane things happened during the day.
  8. Buy a ukulele and start learning via YouTube and perform to friends and family in the opportunity.
  9. Go to a charity fun run, there’s normally some sort of dressing up involved. They are a great laugh.
  10. Buy a few bags of balloons and fill your sitting room with at least 20 or 30 balloons, surprise yourself or someone in your family with a balloon filled room.

  1. Host a funny hat party, any hat can be funny if you never wore one.
  2. BBC Radio 4 comedy is absolutely hilarious. Some of the best comedians in the country in their funniest, do tune it.
  3. Strike up a conversation with old ladies shopping at the markets, you can start by asking how you can tell the freshness of fish or which tomatoes are the best?
  4. Watch French Comedy, French hand a funny sense of humor, it may just be the thing.
  5. Buy at least five cheap dinner plates from charity shops and have a Greek style smashing time in your kitchen accompanied by Zorba the Greek music. Hum along the song as you are smashing the plates. You can also invite friends to a party where everyone brings a plate to smash.
  6. Write a funny poem about an awkward issue or situation you are in and share it with a friend.
  7. Ask a friend what was the last thing that made them laugh.
  8. Create your own list or all the things that made you laugh and share with friends.
  9. Turn the everyday mundane situations to a random short story and make sure that there is a miraculous end. Share the stories with friends.
  10. Learn to recite a poem in another language or short piece in another language and recite to friends
  1. Have a roller-coaster ride or a night at the local circus.
  2. While watching TV, repeat the conversations back trying to imitate accents, male and female voices.
  3. Design your last day on earth before an alien invasion and live it to the max.
  4. Have your caricature made by a street artist.
  5. Pick nettles from your nearest park and make nettle soup, share with friends and family.
  6. Spend a day watching your favorite comedy movies
  7. Go a local market and have a go at haggling.
  8. Have a go at a heavy swearing about something that annoyed you.
  9. Make someone’s best day ever, they don’t necessarily need to know it.
  10. Have a long conversation with your pet, if u out have no pet, you can speak to a pretend pet.

  1. Have a pillow fight at home or at a party.
  2. Every time you speak start your sentence with the same letter from the alphabet for one day. No one needs to know about it.
  3. Develop a random tick for a day, for example clear your throat every time before you speak.
  4. Remember the games the children’s games you used to play when you were a child? Why don’t you play one or two with family and friends?
  5. Write a list of all the things gone wrong the previous year and recite them to your friends or family.
  6. Compile a list of your favorite jokes and learn them by heart, tell them to you friends see whether they’ll laugh.
  7. Buy a temporary hair dye and color your hair in a different color for a day, see how family and friends respond.
  8. Write your own obituary and read to friends and family.
  9. Get all the junk mail you received and turn them into a paper balls. Have paper fight with your family or with friends.
  10. Write limericks including names of your friends in them. Limericks are 5 line short poems where first lines rhythms with the second, third line with the fourth and fifth line rhymes with the first line. Best and funniest limericks are the ones recited in the spur of the moment.

  1. Buy few different colored yarn and wrapped each other like a mummy with yarns.
  2. Hire a clown to entertain you and your friends, if you have no friends at hand, just hire the clown to entertain you for a change.
  3. Host a percussion or drum circle in your house, you can use pans and spoons to make sounds and see whether you can sing along to your own rhythms. You can also hire a drummer to teach drumming to your friends.
  4. Learn a simple dance move and teach to your friends and get everyone dancing.
  5. Organize a night of sharing, invite friends and family to share stories their lives, they don’t necessarily need to be funny.
  6. Sum up your life in three sentences and read them to your friends.
  7. Get in front of the mirror and see how many emotions you can emulate. Remember the more subtle emotions such as pang, dilemma, meanness of spirit, agility, etc.
  8. Have a go at papier-mâché with a friend or at a workshop.
  9. Build a faux snowman in the garden and show it to your friends and family. You can use all sort of material for this, including old clothes, newspapers and anything else lying around in your garden.

  1. Organize a jumble sale in your house with all the books and unwanted items from your attic.
  2. Borrow of buy a vinyl record player and play vinyl records with friends, invite them to bring some of the vinyl records. You can buy some random very cheap vinyl records from charity shops.
  3. Organize a charity auction in your house, auctioning unwanted stuff for a family fund or for a charity of your own choice.
  4. Find out where your local nursing home is and their visiting hours, organize a visit with a box of cookies of chocolates.
  5. Wear Groucho Marx glasses occasionally with friends and family.
  6. Start writing your biography starting with the end, i.e. your funeral and working your way backwards. Make up the bits missing between your funeral and to this day.
  7. Make a point of spending more time with Facebook friends in real life than on Facebook.
  8. See whether you can strike up a conversation with people walking in our nearest park. You can start by saying hello to everyone you come across.
  9. Become a hugger for a day. Say to people, friends and family you meet during the day that you are a hugger for a day and give them a hug.
  10. Create a story from random words you cut from the newspapers. You would need at least 30 to 50 words for this. Read the story to friends in the first opportunity or post it on your social media profile.
  11. Have a go at joyful swearing, use some swearing words to describe on great something, someone or you are.

  1. Spend a day fibbing, tell a fib to friends, colleagues or family whenever you have the opportunity.
  2. Search for the right amount of mischief given the opportunity.
  3. Be an occasional glibber, being superficial, contrived and pretentious with language just for the fun of it.
  4. Become a spy for a day and observe people, take notes of what they have done to the minutiae and report back to friends.
  5. Let occasionally Quaker moments descend on you. Quaker moments is the moment where you share a random wisdom, it does necessarily needs to make sense.
  6. Create your own book of humorous quotations, share your quotations with friends.
  7. Get a pair of socks, wear the socks in your hands and have go at puppet theatre.
  8. Make up new English words and tell people the words you made up.
  9. Collect twigs from the garden or the park and make your straw men.
  10. Adlib to songs you hear.

  1. Tell people that you studied palmistry and ask if you can read their palms. Tell them some absurd stories about their future.
  2. Make a list of all your worst fears and read them back to yourself in front of a mirror.
  3. Weep as often as possible with crocodile tears.
  4. Share your quirky little secrets and rituals with others.
  5. Start speaking in clichés as often as possible.
  6. Make a list of all the things that make you annoyed, miffed and sing them back to yourself.
  7. Make a fly-on-the-wall documentary on an obscure topic and share with friends.
  8. Practice filibuster given the opportunity. Filibuster is a long empty speech and counterargument to delay or prevent other people doing or deciding something.
  9. Give a name to your house or flat. You can either have a plaque made with the new name or make up one yourself and have a launch of the new name of the house with a new name. You can use the name every time you are giving your address to companies and people.
  10. Pretend dramatically that you are scared when someone just appears in front of you specially if they are coming from behind you.
  11. Create a fantastic family tree going back to any time back in the history of humankind.
  12. Stories by the candle light, invite friends to bring a candles for an evening of sharing stories by the candle light.
  13. Learn to by heart a Shakespeare monologue or a monologue from Don Quixote and recite it to friends.
  14. Opportunities permitting, have a nudist day in the house with your partner.
  15. Invite friends to an all day dinner starting with brunch and spending all day sitting on the dinner table nibbling, talking and sharing.
  16. Clear your throat every time you speak.
  17. Practice talking laughingly whenever you can. (Get some practice in a laughter yoga club near you.)
  18. When opportunity presents itself, ask people what was the last thing that made them laugh out loud.
  19. Become a self-proclaimed expert on something obscure and dish out opinions.
  20. While traveling, invite the person sitting next to you to play a board game. There are small magnetic board games for travel you can buy or you can use a piece of paper for noughts and crosses.
  21. Drop things in and around people and let people help you picking them up. This little game helps to strike up a conversation and who knows may well lead to a laughter.
  22. Cultivate some humorous antiques with things and people you can pull out and repeats whenever the occasion arises.
  23. If there are children in the family, see whether you can make them laugh, or find out what makes them laugh.
  24. Put in your calendar time for fun, play and games every day. See what you can come up with at work or in the house. Fun doesn’t take long, it can only be few minutes game of rock paper scissors. Try this.
  25. Learn a fable from La Fontaine in French and recite it to friends. These are very short stories and easy to learn.
  26. See whether you can create a ‘butterfly effect’ by doing random things where you are. Either do this with a group, if you have done it on your tell the stories of what you’ve done. For example doing series of random things by moving things in and around the house of garden to a specific place may well impact the order of the universe or the weather.
  27. When shopping for small items, have your change in your palm and let the cashier pick the coins. This may well lead to laughter on either side, as you’d need to explain why you are doing it. It also helps the cashier with more change.
  28. Become an occasional crybaby for insignificant things, going into a lot of detail on how and why it shouldn’t have happened that way.
  29. Keep a laughter diary and remind yourself every so often all the things that made you laugh. Who knows they may make you laugh again.

Lots more laugh therapy ideas

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