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Laughter, Mental Health & Social Wellbeing Monthly Discussion Group

Purpose: The purpose of this group is discuss the science of laughter and how we can enhance our ability to utilize laughter and play to improve our and others mental health and social wellbeing in the present moment.

Date & Time: Typically the first Wednesday of the month, 6-7pm hour of Laugh Angeles, California. Check our calendar.

Where: • Registration required • If you are new to Zoom we recommend you do a test beforehand using

Price: Free

Duration: 1 hour

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Here is a taste of what it is about (this was recording of session #1):

Moderator: Chris Van Schaack, MS, Laughter Yoga & Wellness Teacher and Mindful Laughter Professional, offering workshops & sessions to support discouraged adults form trusting and pleasurable relationships drawing upon the principles of Non Violent Communication, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Evolutionary Psychology.