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How to get what you want



The belief that you can’t get what you want because you do not have the money to pay for it is incorrect. It’s a smoke screen. You can have anything you want if you answer yes to the following two questions:

  1. Are you willing to pay the price? Everything has a price, and it’s not about money. The real cost of happiness is that you have to take ownership of and embrace your feelings, always. The real cost of health is that you have to exercise and eat a healthier diet. The cost of getting commercial products when you don’t have enough money to pay for them is to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and investing the time/energy required to get them. 
  2. Do you really want it? Most people don’t want what they say they want because they take no action, which means that what they really want is the wanting.

Different people pursue their dreams differently. Some tend to believe they have to go out into the world and make things happen. Others often prefer to focus on intentions. Both approaches work, provided you work on them with consistency. At the end of the day it is not your responsibility to know how what you want will manifest, but it is your duty to believe in the long run that it can (not just for a few hours of a few days) and act accordingly.


Educate yourself

What is the first reason why people give money to people? The answer is so simple that very few see it: “because they’re asked.” Read:


Take action

First things first: be very clear on how much money you need in total.
Is that simply the amount of the training you want to attend with us (if so the answer is here), or is there more that needs to be added for whatever reason?
Whatever the total you come up with is the goal you are working to achieve.

From here on there are three things you could do:

Rejection therapy
If you want to train to learn a new marketable skill: Selling yourself now
If you want to train to offer a free service in your community: Fundraising

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Sebastien Gendry is a speaker, trainer and consultant, expert in laughter for wellness and wellbeing. He played a major role in introducing Laughter Therapy in North America, Russia, Palestine and other countries, inspired the creation of 100s of Laughter Clubs worldwide, and is the creator of the Laughter Wellness method. He has been offering a variety of laughter programs every year on three to four continents for the past decade and continues to do so.

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