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Discover the simplest and most joyful way to oxygenate your lungs as you ventilate your spirit and move possibilities back into your life!

About Us

We are a professional training and resource center on how to use laughter and everything that comes with it as a wellness and overall well-being modality, at home and at work.

  • Open 24/7/365, since 2012

  • Students in 78 countries, and counting
  • 2,000+ laughter professionals trained on 6 continents, in person and online

We're an approved training provider of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists

Our Mission

It is easy to take laughter for granted or dismiss it as a trivial activity with little benefits, and this is very sad.

Did you know that laughter is an untapped science that, used well, can have far-reaching positive implications for the body, mind and spirit? In a sedentary age of sharply rising healthcare costs and mental health challenges, this ought to gain more public attention, and raising awareness is exactly what we do and train people to do.

Learn the laughter art of having fun while making a difference!

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