“There is no way to happiness / happiness is the way”
That’s what the picture said / I got it straightaway
It was there on the wall / I had seen it before
Guess I wasn’t ready / for the message it bore
But now things were different / I was ready to grow
To learn, love and accept / simply go with the flow
And so that very day / I did something silly
Illogical, insane: / I chose to be merry
Regardless of what life / would keep for me in store
Painful or challenging / I would fight it no more
Henceforth I’d be smiling / instead of resisting
And as for the result / it is just amazing.

Happiness is now here / happiness is nowhere
Either way you’re correct / everything comes in pair
On Earth one thing is true / there is no absolute
Good and bad coexist / choose the dance that’s for you
See the joy, see the pain / the choice is yours to make
They’re both there together / and it is no mistake

Why is the world this way? / who am I to tell you
Ignorance is my bliss / we all live in a zoo
And it’s very lively / Maybe that is the point
To keep God entertained / we’re all held at gunpoint
(You may laugh. I do too / for what isn’t funny
On the great stage of life / that’s my epiphany.)

As a close I urge you / Do not wait a second
Plant a seed in your eyes / You’ll experience first hand
That seeds of love and joy / reach deeply for your soul
And transform your vision / simply help you recall:
When you have a hammer / all you can see is nails.
Change your tools! See the good. Your happiness won’t fail.