>About The Online Trainings

Do you offer Humor Therapy training?


Not really. We do use and work with humor a lot, but what we teach is particular in that it’s not about finding things that people find funny, but rather how to experience fun and celebrate the joyful best of humanity and what brings us together. As such what we do is universal because it’s [...]

Can I download the videos?


Yes, you can. What you can't do though is share them or post them online. Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, all of the material inside the LOU campus (that's everywhere on our website after you have had to login) is copyrighted and we take this topic very seriously. In general: We already share a lot of free resources. [...]

Can I take the courses on my iPhone or smartphone?


Yes. Desktop and laptop computers, tablets and smartphones all have access to the same resources. The only technical limitation is the size of your screen. This being said, you can also take a shower with a raincoat on - it's technically possible - but that's not necessarily the most enjoyable way to do that. It's [...]

Do I have to attend the classes or calls live?


This depends on the course you are enrolled in and what you really want to achieve. As a rule of thumb we require that you attend a minimum of 50% of the live training sessions included if you want to graduate. If you fail to do so then you will only receive a certificate of [...]