The short answer: Laughter Wellness is to Laughter Yoga what US English is to British English: same roots but a very different culture. Overall Laughter Yoga is about laughter and what Dr K calls “childlike playfulness”, which the non-initiated often perceive as silliness. Laughter Wellness is about wellness and celebrating the best of humanity.

Laughter Yoga
Laughter Wellness
An exercise regime that has become a world brand. A complete wellness and well-being workout that is often white labelled.
Follows the Laughter Yoga protocol in which the strongest emphasis is on playful laughter exercises. Follows the Laughter Wellness protocol that incorporates a series of cognitive-behavioral therapies to arouse smiling, laughter, pleasant feelings and positive energies.
Built and primarily focused on voluntary, simulated laughter. Leans on having participants doing everything big and loud. Tends to be high energy and on the joyfully crazy/silly side of life. A recent trend has been to blend it with mindfulness breathing techniques. (…which Laughter Wellness has been advocating and encouraging people to use for over a decade.) Builds on intentional laughter and the mindset that comes with it, and focused on mindfulness and wellness/well-being. Leans on doing everything gently and allowing people to participate at their chosen level of comfort. Tends to have a slower pace, include a great variety of exercises and activities, and be more grounded and mainstream. See Sebastian Gendry’s youtube channel.
Is about having fun. Advocates childlike playfulness. Is about arousing smiling, laughter, pleasant feelings and positive energies. Advocates developing a healthy and sustainable adult relationship with our inner child.
Promotes health, joy and community with a strong emphasis on happiness and World peace through laughter. Promotes health, joy and community with a strong emphasis on peace of mind and an inner locus of control.
Iconic quotes: “Laugh for no reason” and “Fake it until you make it.” Iconic quotes: “Choose to laugh” and “Face it, don’t fake it.
Very popular in the world of community laughter clubs. A source of inspiration and ideas for laughter, healing, service and education professionals.

18 minutes with Dr Madan Kataria, creator of Laughter Yoga:

12 minutes with Sebastian Gendry, creator of Laughter Wellness:

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