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The Laughter Circle

Come experience a safe, sacred, and special approach to a deeper level of connection with self and others.

In the first part you will experience the Laughter Wellness method with Valentina Rivolta, and celebrate the best of who you are with an expert in the field. Get ready to tune-up and tune in with the power of laughter and positive energies!

The second part is a unique sharing experience in a safe space that will take the feelings of peace, connection, and unity you will have at that point to a whole new level by allowing yourself to share your truth with others. It will be facilitated by Cornelia Leisch (see bio further below.)

The guidelines are simple:

  • Listen with your heart, with empathy and appreciation.
  • Speak about your feelings. What does your heart like to share?
  • Talk about yourself, not about others
  • There are no comments, no judgments, no good advices
  • What is said in the circle, stays in the circle.

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Valentina RivoltaValentina Rivolta is an Italian-born and Australian-based NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist and expert in laughter and wellness. She helps parents in a variety of settings go from stressed to relaxed, tired to energized, and overwhelmed to mindful and playful. But what motivates her the most is helping people reach a place of love, truth, courage, creativity and gratitude along with a sense of adventure, playfulness and wonder.

Cornelia LeischCornelia Leisch is a laughter-trainer, coach and author. She has been facilitating a variety of laughter programs in Germany since 2005, and serves as president of the European Association for professional Laughter Yoga and Humor-Training e.V. since 2012. She loves to laugh, listen, and create deeper levels of connection with people. She has been facilitating talking circles since 2015. She lives in Munich, Germany.

The event is finished.


Jun 10 2020


10:00 am - 12:00 am


€20 (about $22)


Zoom (Hour of L.A., CA)
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