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The Laughter Wellness Blueprint Webinar (1h/Zoom)

Come tune up and tune in with the power of laughter and positive energies!

You will discover Laughter Wellness, a fun, far-reaching and fast-acting well-being modality designed to spark laughter, pleasant feelings and positive energies, while improving people’s health and quality of life.

Better still: You will experience how easy it can be to offer live laughter programs online. No jokes!

I expected the best from you – the best!!! And I got that. You made everyone feel welcome and comfortable; great slides; creative presentation; lots of connection; new exercises… Now I’m filled with gratitude & appreciation. It was outstanding.
Laughter is so important during these times when seriousness and fear are everywhere. The Laughter Online University’s approach is well researched and documented. It offers a wealth of materials and always more than expected. Highly recommended!
Los AngelesNew YorkLondonSydney
Wed. 03/2510-11am1-2pm6-7pmmiddle of the night!
Wed. 03/255:30-6:30pm8:30-9:30pmmiddle of the night!11:30am-12:30pm (+1 day)
Thu. 03/2610-11am1-2pm6-7pmmiddle of the night!
Thu. 03/265:30-6:30pm8:30-9:30pmmiddle of the night!11:30am-12:30pm (+1 day)
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Wednesday 3/25 • 10am-11am hour of L.A.

Wednesday 3/25 • 5:30pm-6:30pm hour of L.A.

Thursday 3/26 • 10am-11am hour of L.A.

Thursday 3/26 • 5:30pm-6:30pm hour of L.A.

Video sessions always make me feel a bit awkward, but I am trying to get used to this new virtual world we are forced into. Sebastian’s energy, what was shared, and the participants: all made it very wonderful!
I wanted to get all the Corona thoughts out of my mind and virtually meet people from all over the world. I go that and more, and now I feel very good!

What’s included

  • Live event using the Zoom app + video recording (watch online or download.)
  • Breakout rooms during the class to allow you to practice and share in small groups.
  • PDF description of all the exercises we will use.
  • -1 day and 1-hour reminder email + follow-up survey afterwards.
  • 1 year access to the LOU Academy Bronze Membership

How it works:

  • We use the free Zoom video conferencing application.
  • Desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones are all welcome.
  • You can also call in using a regular landline.
  • Login details will be emailed immediately upon registration.
  • The recording for each event will be made available to all participants within 24 hours.

How to prepare:

  • Never used Zoom? Visit zoom.us/test beforehand to do a test and adjust your audio and video settings. It takes about 5 minutes the first time.
  • For best audio and video results we recommend that you connect with a computer that’s directly wired to a modem.
  • If you need to use Wifi, connect to a 5G network if possible, and come as close as you can to the emitting modem.

More testimonials…

  • I expected to learn and laugh. That is exactly what happened.
  • So many applications… I love it.
  • I met new people from all over the world. It was great!
  • I had a stomach ache at the start, and by the end I felt much better!
  • I have been a certified laughter leader through the world laughter tour since 2002 and part of Dr. Kataria’s Laughter Yoga for many years also. This was different and I liked it a lot!
  • It was wonderful to get a break from all the stress and bad news about Covid19 and laugh with people from around the world.
  • I truly appreciate your generosity sharing your brilliant tips and techniques.
  • The Laughter Wellness blueprint is awesome! It re-inspired me and made feel more confident in my own abilities to teach.
  • I found it to be uplifting and engaging. It was also nice to connect with like-minded people and chat after the session.
  • It’s fun! We interact with others across the globe and it’s good for your body, mind and soul.


Mar 25 2020


10:00 am - 11:00 am




Zoom (Hour of L.A., CA)
Sebastian Gendry


Sebastian Gendry
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