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We are currently working at full capacity for a private organization helping a community in need and are temporarily not accepting new students.
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LOU Laughter Academy Bronze Membership

1 year membership, on a donation basis. From $1!

Aside from giving your greater access to more content in our blog, the primary value of our free membership is access to the LOU TV channel, a video blog of over 200 laughter-related videos on a variety of topics.


505 Best Of Laughter Exercises.

505 Best Of Laughter Exercises


This is a packaged offer that includes the Laughter Session Planner, LOU Pro Training Videos Learning Center and lots more.

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Leading edge. Beyond the quality of the education it offers, LOU’s success comes from its visionary strategy and supporting structure, professional standards, systems, and support.
Worldwide Community. We currently have students in 78 countries, and counting. They are people who want to help themselves, their family, peers and/or clients of all ages to laugh to “live fully until they die” in a variety of social, professional and corporate settings.
Reliable & Reputable. Our teachers are all seasoned professionals. Our founder, Sebastian Gendry, has been active full-time at the highest level in the field of Laughter Therapy since 2005 and has offered a variety of laughter programs to 1,000s on 6 continents.
Satisfaction Guarantee! Your purchases with us are all 100% risk free. If you’re not satisfied, then we’re not.
Support. We do offer various levels of support, but regardless of which membership you have one thing is constant: We’re based in America and 100% behind you. With us you will never be left with your questions unanswered.

The program of the Laughter Online University is excellent. It demonstrates well how to achieve competency in teaching laughter-based programs. You have done a magnanimous job with a mountain of knowledge.

Dennis StalveyDennis Stalvey

This has been one of the best and the most useful online courses I have been through, and I have taken quite a number of online courses. The material is very clear, extended and well researched. Well done!

Sahar MousslySahar Moussly

I want to let you know that as a long time leader and teacher of laughter (since 2003) I am so impressed by your program, feeling that it does include ALL of the different facets of laughter that are going on, and embracing the many ways to do it, without negating one or the other, but actually celebrating and inviting learning in an inclusive positive way. That is very impressive!

Lydia GonzalesLydia Gonzales

This course was a key factor in learning new laughter techniques that I can implement with my clients.

Carlos Gongora,

What a wonderful way to learn. It blows my mind. I thought I was learning Laughter Therapy to help others and I find it’s helping me. I really didn’t expect that at all.

Barbara Legge,

This was a great way to learn how to run laughter sessions and laughter clubs. It gave me all the info I needed to get started.

Kate Rogers,