Eleonora Zuleta PatiñoEleonora Zuleta Patiño is a leading South American Laughter Expert from Venezuela with a spontaneous and very contagious laughter! She is a Certified Laughter Wellness Teacher, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, and a Professor of Yoga for Children and Families. Her formal academic trainings are in Journalism and Social Communication.

She founded “Reír es Vivir” in 2011, a business dedicated to the promotion of therapeutic laughter. “Reír es Vivir” was recognized two years later as a “Success Story Community Initiatives for Sustainable Development” in the field of Sport, Recreation and Leisure Fair use, by the “Red Actívate y Construye”, and by the “Empresas Polar Foundation.”

Eleonora has extensive experience in bringing laughter to enterprises, institutions, schools, universities, hospitals and clinics.

Her greatest achievement to-date has been with her own mother, Dolly Patino, a woman with multiple medical conditions (rheumatoid arthritis, generalized arthritis, osteoporosis, chronic pyelonephritis and double curvature of the spine). Dolly is now pain and medication free, and a fervent advocate for therapeutic laughter.

Read more about Eleonora and her work at http://sireiresvivir.blogspot.com/