Don’t know what to do?  Here are 4 simple ideas to get you back on track.

Effortless Focus

Effortless FocusThis system was devised by Serge Kahili King, PhD. Here is the gist of it:

  1. STOP. Stop thinking, stop doing, stop trying. Just be aware and breathe in the present moment, doing only what is necessary for survival. Getting into this very present moment state may take minutes or months, but don’t forget your purpose.
  2. LOOK. Look at the situation from a different point of view, such as from a different profession, as a different person, or as if it were someone else’s problem.
  3. LISTEN. Ask the Universe for a solution. It may come as a sudden insight, a knowing, or an idea that comes from a book, TV, a movie, a sign, a friend, or a stranger. It may come right away, or it may take a few days. It will NOT come as command from an inner voice.
  4. ACT. Do something, anything, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, toward changing the circumstances. Sometimes I have simple decluttered and/or rearranged my immediate environment to initiate changes in circumstances or opportunities.
  5. BLESS. Think a lot about what you want, and about how good it will feel to have it, but be okay with whatever happens. It also helps to bless (admire, appreciate) a lot of things that seem totally unrelated.
  6. TRUST. Believe that there is a way to solve your problem or get what you want, even if you don’t know what that is yet, and trust that access to whatever power you need does exist, even if you don’t feel it yet.
  7. EXPECT. Decide that everything will work out perfectly, even if differently, and that the Universe is really on your side to do something good for yourself and the world around you.


BlessingSometimes the simplest techniques are the most powerful and most profound. Blessing is one of them. It is simply giving positive recognition to something or someone. You can do this through:

  • Appreciation: “Thank you for your help.” “I give thanks for the warmth of the sun!” “I am grateful for my improving health.”
  • Affirmation: “I bless the abundance in my life.” I bless the goodness of my grandmother.” “I bless the generosity of people giving to this cause.”
  • Admiration: “What a beautiful tree!” “I love your hair!” “I really like the summer breeze.” “I love swimming. It feels so good!”
  • Anticipation: “We’re going to have a great time on our trip!” “I wish you a Happy Birthday.” “Tonight is going to be amazing!”

The Presence Process

Don't know what to doWe all long to be free of our discomfort and experience inner peace. However, the attempt to get rid of our discomfort is misguided. We’re not broken and don’t need to be “healed.” Our difficulty is that our deeply suppressed emotional imprints from childhood distract us from an awareness of the present moment. Until this emotional charge from our past is integrated, our attempts to quiet our thoughts and access the peace, joy, and love that are bedrock to our being are of only limited success. Since presence is universal, it has the ability to manifest in our daily experience the very circumstances required for us to integrate the dysfunction that keeps us from experiencing the radiance of present moment awareness. We are each responsible for determining the quality of our personal experience, and The Presence Process guides us into taking responsibility for our emotional integration. It’s a way to consciously “grow up.”

Here is the essence of what Michael Brown teaches:

No one is coming to save us from ourselves
We are each endowed with the capacity to be responsible for the quality of our experience. However, until consciously impacted with our compassionate awareness, our unintegrated fear, anger, and grief continues to function as the unconscious causal point of our outer disharmony, discomfort, disease, and delusion. By continuing to suppress and sedate our unintegrated emotional condition – and instead allowing ourselves to be emotionally carried and provoked by anyone or anything – we remain a species that is inauthentic, out of integrity, and lacking in the emotional capacity to intimately contain an awareness of what we are or what God is for us. Only by consciously developing our capacity to feel are we delivered beyond this predicament.
Blaming others for the quality of our life experience is futile.
Victim and victor mentality is denial and delusion. Mounting earthly chaos and increasing outer human drama is a deliberately initiated and unfolding planetary cleanse intended to address our inauthentic, unconscious, and programmed approach to living. All outer conflict triggering us emotionally in an uncomfortable way reflects our states of unintegrated inner turmoil. Our only choice now is between engaging reactively in outer drama, or allowing the play of outer drama to facilitate us into a responsive and compassionate awakening to, and integration of, our inner turmoil.
The present moment is valid – entering it consciously is a portal into authenticity, integrity, and intimacy
Present moment awareness is “being fully present within each unfolding moment just as it is – without interference – without binding it with the resonance of fear, anger, and grief arising from our unintegrated past”. Only when we are present are we vulnerable to receiving, and therefore able to contain, each unfolding encounter as a divinely ordained opportunity to intimately explore the profound possibilities of our humanity. Entering the moment fully requires a behavioral transformation – a shift from unconscious reactivity into deliberate responsibility. This transformation is only authentically accomplished through integrating the underlying imprinted emotional signatures that consistently distract us from being present. No one can accomplish this on our behalf.
This unfolding moment in our human evolution is not “the end times” – it is the invitation to “end living in a time-based paradigm” so we may real eyes peace
Our task is not to “make peace on earth”. Such an intent is born of perceptual delusion. Our evolutionary task is to accomplish the capacity “to real eyes peace that is already given” while we are here. When we develop the capacity to authentically real eyes peace – we radiate this resonance throughout our experience. Authentic peace is felt. We are only at peace when we truly feel at peace. Peace is only realized through responsively awakening to, and hence fully entering, the felt-resonance of this unfolding moment. If we cannot feel the peace that is already given, it is because our unintegrated fear, anger, and grief is distorting our felt-perception. Only by consciously integrating our imprinted fear, anger, and grief do we reawaken our felt-perception and open ourselves to the naturally peaceful resonance of the heart.

Give Yourself Away

David Dunn was a businessman who decided to take up the “hobby” of helping others. He wrote a little book “Try To Give Yourself Away” in the 1940’s about his experiences and it is just a joy and inspiration to read. It’s a classic book of service, attention, gratitude and the joy of giving yourself away, and it’s also filled with 100s of ideas you can implement right away, guaranteed to make you feel better! Read it here.

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