The idea that laughter is a valid form of complementary medicine that can help cancer patient is not new. The most common cause of cancer is stress. Extreme physical, mental and emotional stress weakens our immune system, and a weak immune system is a major causative factor in the development of cancer. Scientific studies have proved that hearty laughter has a powerful and immediate strengthening effect on our immune system.

Here is a video that tells the story of Jacqueline Domhoff, from Peru, who chose to see her ovarian cancer “very hard to cure” as an opportunity to heal her mind, and laughter as a tool to help her do that. Which she did. She shrunk a 20 cm tumor in 6 months, laughing daily.

It is common for someone struck with cancer to experience intense stress and fear. How can laughter help? Laughter as a physical intervention leads to real physiological and biochemical changes in our body that have a profound effect on the development of cancer.

Modalities such as Laughter Wellness or Laughter Yoga provide a non-intellectual path to laughter. Cancer patients may be in emotional turmoil and become depressed, making it difficult for them to achieve laughter through intellectual stimuli like humorous videos. Approaching laughter as a body exercise however can easily be done regardless of mood.

Beyond the many physical benefits that laughter provides (all documented here). laughter also helps to counter stress and fear. Hearty laughter causes the brain to release chemicals that reduce stress within minutes. It is typical to measure a 70% reduction in stress indicators after just 10 minutes of laughter.

Laughter promotes a positive outlook. Hearty laughter quickly counters depression and negative outlook, especially when practiced within a group of peers. This is partly due to chemicals released by the brain and partly caused by a powerful emotional response to the group dynamics of laughter yoga. A positive mental state is very important when a person who is fighting a deadly disease like cancer.

An Energy Viewpoint

Here is another possible answer why Jacky healed herself (well worth watching for 30 minutes). Joy and play are two of the highest vibrations there is.

Complementary Medicine, Not Cure

Jacky Domhoff healed her first cancer laughing, but relapsed 5 years later and eventually died.
Be clear: Laughter Therapy is not a form of alternative medicine, but complementary medicine. It’s prime purpose is not to add years to your life, but life to your years. Don’t give up on it because “it doesn’t work 100% of the times.” Nothing does.

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