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Gifts Laughter Offers To People With Disabilities

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Any disability can be experienced as a huge challenge and be hard to live and deal with. Impacted people have to (re)discover themselves and find different ways to fulfill their dreams without slipping into the realms of depression and frustration. It is easy when faced with intense adversity to let oneself experience more intense negative [...]

Why Laughter Helps In Cancer Prevention and Recovery, Creates Humorglobins

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Many cancer survivors claim to have greatly benefited from laughter as a complementary option to the other established therapeutic strategy they chose to pursue. Here are possible reasons why: Why laughter scares depression, anxiety, boosts moodstates. Why laughter is good for the immune system, opens inner cellular pharmacy. Why laughter is good for the cardiovascular [...]

Why Laughter Is Good For Mental Health, Breaks Cycle Of Psychological Negativity

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How laughter impacts the limbic system, and what this means for mental health The limbic system is involved in all emotions, including laughter, as well as basic functions required for survival. The amygdala and the hippocampus are the two limbic structures playing a role in laughter. The amygdala connects with the hippocampus and the medial [...]

Why Laughter Is Good For The Nervous System, Relieves Pain

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Breathing is the only function of the autonomic nervous system that can be consciously regulated or changed. It encourages deep diaphragmatic breathing, which stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the cooling branch of the autonomic nervous system and is the opposite of the sympathetic stress arousal system. This helps in relaxing the aroused state [...]

Why Laughter Is Good For The Respiratory System, Opens Lungs, Ventilates Spirit

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More laughter = more oxygen, the lifeline of our system Oxygen is one of the primary catalysts for biological energy in the human body. We breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. It is an element of intracellular energy that’s absolutely necessary to sustain human life. It plays an important role in the circulatory and [...]

Why Laughter Is Good For The Cardiovascular System, Heart Health

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Laughter is linked to the healthy function of blood vessels A Maryland School of Medicine study showed that laughter is linked to the healthy function of blood vessels. It found that laughter causes the tissue that forms the inner lining of blood vessels (the endothelium) to expand in order to increase blood flow, while stress [...]

Why Laughter Is Good For The Immune System, Opens Inner Cellular Pharmacy

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To understand the connection between laughter and the lymphatic and immune systems, it is first important to understand what the lymphatic system is all about. The lymphatic system is the cleansing agent of the human body The lymphatic system is a highly efficient cleaning conglomerate that is the backbone of the immune system. It is an [...]