Clapping hands can change your life: Science, Testimonial, Video

2019-01-14T18:30:14-09:00Ways To More Laughter|

Clapping hands is really good for you! According to several well established healing modalities (acupressure, acupuncture, reflexology, and various adaptations of the above), the hands and palms have numerous reflex points that, when stimulated, engage the body's healing response and prompt a gradual (sometimes near immediate) improvement in any type of ailment.

Top 40 Classic Happy Songs To Make You Feel Good Playlist

2018-12-29T08:39:15-09:00Ways To More Laughter|

Singing is powerful, because singing forces us to breathe, and breathing is what sustains our lives. Below is a list of classic happy songs. I've also put them together in a youtube playlist so that you can easily sing along. Enjoy, and happy singing! Youtube playlist Happy Songs Playlist All the songs below can be [...]

40 ideas to experience childlike playfulness as adults

2018-12-24T09:49:58-09:00Ways To More Laughter|

Laughter leads to playfulness, and playfulness equally leads you back to laughter. An easy way to laugh spontaneously more is to play more, because laughter is a natural outcome of playful behaviors. Give yourself permission to play every day! Here is list of 40 ideas to experience childlike playfulness - the preciousness of fantasy and imagination [...]

Seven creative approaches to stress management

2018-11-14T17:13:46-09:00Ways To More Laughter|

Stress is a silent killer that's far too expensive to ignore. Keep calm. Here are simple ways to address it. Put simply every experience has a structure. When you change the structure, you change the experience. Try any (or all!) of the following next time you are really stressed and see how effective simple things [...]

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