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50 simple things that make Brits feel great

2018-04-03T19:24:45+00:00Laughter News|

The U.K. healthcare group Bupa sponsored in 2015 a survey that asked 2,000 people to name their favorite feel-good moments. Freshly made sheets came top of the list, followed by feeling the sun on the face. Here is the full list: 01. Sleeping in a freshly-made bed 02. Feeling the sun on your face 03. [...]

How to Hardwire Resilience into Your Brain

2018-04-03T20:07:20+00:00Laughter News|

This is a very interesting article by Rick and Forrest Hanson about what they call the HEAL system: Have a beneficial experience, Enrich it, Absorb it, Link it. Personally I find that this is a very elegant way to structure any relaxation experience after an enriching activity class (e.g., a Laughter Wellness session!) See https://goo.gl/mcQgA2

Laughter, Exercise and Dialysis

2018-04-03T20:07:18+00:00Benefits Of Laughter, Laughter News|

Here is the video of a laughter presentation Prof. Paul Bennett and myself gave last year at a national Dialysis conference in Washington DC. Exercise and Dialysis: What Can Busy Nephrology Nurses Do? This session reviews barriers to exercise in the kidney disease patient population and provides strategies for nurses to encourage and incorporate intradialytic [...]