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Do I need public liability insurance to teach Laughter Therapy?

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If you have checked and you are not covered by anybody else’s general liability policy, then it is a good idea to get your own for peace of mind. Always give ample of consideration to safe practice if you choose to go without! You may also want to review your existing insurance policies and/or ask [...]

Key questions to ask before implementing something new

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The best time to change your website, your content marketing, or anything that implements your brand is after that brand is solidified. Otherwise, your implementation will not get traction. If you are barking up the wrong tree, barking longer and louder won’t change anything.

Continuing Laughter Education: August 2016

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Resources DIY Dancing Ribbons Dancing Scarves ROPALIA Womens Chiffon Belly Dance Shawl Veil Scarf Deep Fun: Collections - links to resources on play, including lots of games General Education For Laughter Professionals Movement Matters! An Introduction to Brain Gym (27 page document on brain gym) Group discussion: design preferences for laughter yoga [...]

Continuing Laughter Education: July 2016

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General Education For Laughter Professionals Laughter Wellness for your Mind, Body and Spirit Laughter Wellness Comes To Australia! Group discussion: All-time favourite laughter exercises Group discussion: The difference between a ‘concept’ and ‘method’ Group discussion: Laughter with People with Parkinson’s Group discussion: What are you doing to inspire others? Group discussion: Has anybody here [...]

Continuing Laughter Education: June 2016

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Resources The Creative Dance Centre: see books & resources by Anne Green Gilbert 505 Best Of Laughter Exercises by Sebastien Gendry Laughter Clubs in the UK General Education For Laughter Professionals Sebastien Gendry: What is a 2 Day Laughter Wellness Playshop? Laughter Yoga Tips for Effortless Laughter A Daily Laugh: Creating a [...]

Continuing Laughter Education: May 2016

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Resources New Moon Abundance Cheques – download PDF Creative Goal Setting – Work Book by Marianne Thorne Creative Goal Setting – Program by Marianne Thorne Numerology – E-book by Marianne Thorne General Education For Laughter Professionals How to list your laughter clubs and events on google map What is Laughter Therapy? Book [...]

Continuing Laughter Education: April 2016

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General Education For Laughter Professionals Clapping hands can change your life: Science, Testimonial, Video Laughter by the 70:20:10 Rule 2016 Review: Laughter Wellness Session Planner Group discussion: presentation title ‘Dear Stress, Let’s break up’ Group discussion: the difference between descriptive praise and judgemental praise Hone your skills! There is a significant need for what [...]

Continuing Laughter Education: March 2016

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General Education For Laughter Professionals Worldwide Skype LY in Country and Chronological Order – Google Sheets Why Laughter Wellness is an Effective Recovery Activity for Emotional Labour Laughter Wellness 101 – pdf Corporate Wellness Program Return on Investment Laughter Fusion The Psychological Process of Laughter (laughter and lymphatics) – by Sue Carter Ansari Laughter [...]