Simple Laughter Technique To Release Stress

In this video Robert Smith, founder of Faster EFT, shares a simple technique on how to use intentional laughter to help balance and restore our inner energy flow and keep it running smoothly.

500 Most Popular Positive Psychology Pieces

There are many free online resources available that are worth reading on the topic of Positive Psychology. Here is a database containing 500 of the most popular webpages, writings, articles and pieces written on this topic.

How to Hardwire Resilience into Your Brain

This is a very interesting article by Rick and Forrest Hanson about what they call the HEAL system: Have a beneficial experience, Enrich […]

Laughter, Exercise and Dialysis

Here is the video of a laughter presentation Prof. Paul Bennett and myself gave last year at a national Dialysis conference in Washington […]

Visualizing the impact of laughter in 81 seconds

neuroscience of loveThis page explores the neuroscience of love and a few of the changes […]

Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying

People grow a lot when they are faced with their own mortality. Here are common regrets people in palliative care with weeks to […]