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Laughter Wellness Facilitator Online Certification Program

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What You Will Learn

This training offers an in-depth and very much hands-on approach to the world of Laughter Therapy. It is packed with laughter tools and strategies that you will be able to implement right away and get immediate results from. Beyond the why it works, you will learn how to use laughter as a form of complementary medicine, low-impact exercise regime, and approach to personal development; how to integrate laughter into your personal life; how to confidently facilitate group laughter interventions with a variety of publics; and how to successfully start, run and grow your own laughter club. You will be assigned a course tutor when you sign up. That person is an experienced Laughter Wellness Trainer who will work with you throughout your training to guarantee that you acquire professional laughter skills.

Question: I already trained with another laughter school. What am I going to learn with you that I don’t already know?

The Specifics

  • Pre-requirements: None. This course is open to all.
  • Effort: About 30 hours for the core study material, practice and homework. Over 200 hours of study material if you want to go deeper.
  • Teaching format: Self-paced study. We recommend you study online, but you also have the option to download the training manuals in PDF format. It’s your education, your way. You create the learning schedule that works best for you.
  • Diploma Requirements: To get your diploma you need to attend all your 1-1 coaching sessions, pass the online quizzes associated with the training material (you can re-take them as many times as necessary) + prepare, teach and document on paper a minimum of 3 laughter classes in your community. (You can submit a video but this is not required.)
  • Support: You will be assigned a course tutor when you sign up. That person is an experienced Laughter Wellness Trainer who will work with you throughout your training to guarantee that you acquire professional laughter skills.
  • Terms: Your diploma is forever but your LOU membership (to keep learning and growing) is for 1 year. You will have the option to renew it every year (or not) and keep access to all of its resources and benefits for only US$99/year.
  • Technology: Our online campus is open 24/7/365. Learn on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Who This Course Is For

This certification program is of interest and value to anybody interested in using or teaching refreshing, reliable and fun solutions that people can learn and implement right away to help them in the areas of wellness and well-being, change and stress management, communication, collaboration, engagement, and leadership.

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Learning Laughter Yoga, Laughter Wellness, Laughter Therapy online is easy!
Learning Laughter Yoga, Laughter Wellness, Laughter Therapy online is easy!
Become a teacher of laughter! Learn Laughter Yoga, Laughter Wellness, Laughter Therapy

Course Syllabus


In this course you will:

  • Gain knowledge and a new understanding about the multi-dimensional benefits of laughter in general, and of voluntary simulated laughter in particular.
  • Learn about the current state of research and the effectiveness of laughter on body, mind and spirit.
  • Learn to distinguish facts from fiction about the health impacts of laughter.
  • Understand the importance of laughter as a form of low-impact cardiovascular exercise, and a powerful tool for stress management.
  • Learn about the contraindications of laughter.
  • Laugh for 10 minutes without jokes or comedy and validate the health impact of laughter for yourself.
  • Learn simple ways to get more laughter into your own life and that of others.
  • Learn how to best convey the benefits of laughter.

Course outline

2. Overview

3. Introduction

  • Understand the context: A valuable new technology
  • Ancient wisdom rediscovered
  • A key clarification: There are five categories of laughter
  • A refreshing new way to laugh
  • What you can and can’t say: Laughter is good medicine, but not the best medicine
  • Be clear on this: Facts alone do not convince

4. Experience

  • Let’s create a new awareness

5. Body-mind

  • From mind-body to body-mind
  • What you could do to explain

6. An experiment

  • Ten minutes of laughter. No humor. No comedy.

7. Playful vs. silly

8. Benefits overview

  • Why invest energy and time into a therapeutic laughter practice when life is already full?
  • Five levels of benefits
  • Laugh and live longer?

9. Review #1

10. Study tips

11. Yoga viewpoint

  • Benefits of laughter according to Yoga

12. Bible viewpoint

  • Benefits of laughter according to the Bible
  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • For the record: Holy laughter

13. Empirical evidence

14. Quotes on laughter throughout history

15. Heart health

  • Laughter makes working out fun, not tedious. Good for the heart
  • What you could do to explain
  • Laughter is linked to the healthy function of blood vessels
  • Laughter reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Aren’t there contraindications to laughter for heart patients?

16. Oxygen boost

  • More laughter = more oxygen, the lifeline of our system
  • What you could do to explain

17. Immune boost

  • More laughter = less germs
  • Laughter stimulates the lymphatic system, the cleansing agent of the human body
  • Laughter stimulates the thymus

18. Pain management

  • More laughter = less pain
  • Teaching advice

19. Stress buster

  • More laughter = less stress = better health and more energy
  • Why chronic stress is bad
  • Laughter is nature’s counter to bad stress
  • Eustress
  • Laughter as a coping mechanism and great neutralizer
  • Laughter = Violence-free emotional release
  • What you could to to explain

20. Better moods

  • Humans are wired to respond positively to laughter and smiles
  • What you could do to explain

21. Better health

  • Why better moods = better health
  • Practical application

22. Social benefits: The human element

23. Spiritual wellbeing

  • From NMA to PMA
  • Practical application

24. More facts

  • Miscellaneous
  • Six different types of laughter according to the Uvasagadasao
  • On tickling
  • What is the world record for the longest laugh?
  • Why laughter is contagious and humor is not
  • Why humor is cultural and not universal

25. Urban myths

  • Frequently misquoted “facts” and other urban myths about laughter

26. Review #2

27. Explain to business

28. Three studies

  • The Beckman, Regier & Young study
  • The Bangalore study
  • The Melbourne Study

29. The EPR model

30. Explain to nurses

  • The 7th P in effective administration of medication

31. In summary

  • More ways to explain
  • Final course review
  • What you need to remember
  • The road ahead

32. Suggested next steps


Laughter attracts because it is a human need, and its absence is a pathology that leads to dysfunctional behaviors. It has far-reaching positive implications for overall wellness, and is a significant lubricant for human communication and relationships. It can be systematized into an exercise modality that is easy to learn and implement, is low-impact and universally well tolerated, sustainable, reliable, and inclusive in nature, and helps people be healthier in body, mind and spirit.

Key ideas

  • Laughter positively impacts all aspects of being.
  • The more you laugh, the more physiological benefits you obtain.
  • Laughter is exercise and can be used as a valid, safe and easy to implement gentle-gym program.
  • Laughter is universal and inclusive: You can always choose to laugh.
  • Laughter is part of the solution.

Salient facts

Laughter helps us keep healthy by enriching the blood with ample supplies of oxygen, the lifeline of our system. “Laughter opens the lungs, and opening the lungs ventilates the spirit.” — Unknown


In this course you will:

  • Learn over 110 exercises for your daily laughter workout.
  • Learn how to structure a daily laughter workout.
  • Understand how to best prepare and position your body for laughter.
  • Learn simple techniques to release physical and emotional tensions.
  • Learn about the connection between laughter and tears, and how to use it.
  • Learn over 50 different ways to create spontaneous laughter.
  • Learn over 20 different ways to create the best possible environment for laughter, and shift from NMA (Negative Mental Attitude) into PMA (Positive Mental Attitude).
  • Learn simple ways to sustain a daily solo laughter practice.
  • Learn how to facilitate a one-on-one laughter session.

Course outline

01 – Title & Terms

02 – Overview

03 – Introduction

04 – Reminders & Tips

  • Laughter is good, but…
  • Study tips
  • Tips for your practice

05 – Laughter positions

  • Easier and harder ways to laugh
  • Fake vs. true smile
  • Two important techniques

06 – Simulated laughter

07 – Warming up

  • Warm-up exercises
  • Face and voice warm-up exercises

08 – Gentle workout

  • Dynamic laughter exercises: A gentle workout

09 – Active workout

  • Dynamic laughter exercises: A more demanding workout

10 – Mental workout

  • Dynamic laughter exercises: A mental workout
  • Techniques To Boost Your Self-Confidence With Laughter
  • More

11 – Create!

  • Six healing sounds

12 – Laugh or cry?

  • Laughing to cry, crying to laugh
  • Video: The Laughter and Tears Meditation

13 – Meditation

  • Laughing as a Celebration and a Meditation

14 – Relaxation

  • Relaxation/Visualizations
  • The laughter affirmation exercise

15 – Practice Videos

16 – Emotional Wellness

  • Laughing while doing things you don’t like doing
  • Laughing in public transportation
  • The Ha-Ha-Ha mantra

17 – More ideas

18 – More laughter

  • Stimulated laughter
  • Spontaneous laughter

19 – Playfulness

  • Childlike playfulness
  • Why Playing is Important, by Bernie DeKoven

20 – Environment

  • Creating the best possible environment for laughter
  • Beware of the words you use
  • The inner spirit of laughter
  • Good hearted living
  • In conclusion

21 – Questions

  • Change your questions, change your life

22 – Let go

  • Let go of the past
  • Take ownership
  • The letter exercise
  • How To Transform Toxic Energy

23 – Mind food

  • What do you feed your mind?

24 – Happiness

  • Eight happiness exercises that work
  • Positive affirmation ideas

25 – Seven ideas

  • Seven creative approaches to stress management

26 – Say yes!

27 – Three techniques

  • How to release negative emotions (big and small)
  • The no-complaint bracelet
  • Gridding: A useful technique to get what you want

28 – Beyond laughter

  • Physical wellbeing
  • Psychological wellbeing

29 – Laughing 1-1

  • How to start
  • What to do
  • Laughter coaching
  • Laughter therapy

30 – Insurance?

  • Should you ask your student(s) to sign a non-disclaimer form each time you laugh together?
  • Should you have public liability insurance?

31 – Conclusion / Next

  • What you need to remember
  • Practice!
  • The end


There are two ways to look at the topic of How to Laugh Alone and Feel Better, Anytime, Anywhere Even in the Midst of Turmoil. The first focuses on techniques. That is the easy part and we will start with that. The second approach explores why you want to laugh alone in the first place, and how you can sustain this practice especially in the midst of turmoil. That is the hard part. I will propose some answers as well.

Key ideas

Like love, laughter is a verb more than it is a noun. It can happen to you, but if you want to sustain the experience in the long run you need to work on it.

Once you learn to play, you don’t have to laugh. Laughter becomes a natural outcome of your playful behaviors.

Merely engaging in the mechanics of laughter has limited and temporary benefits. To enrich your life with the spiritual wellbeing that laughter can provide, you need to minimize what makes you laugh less and adopt attitudes that will prevent these energy leeches from coming back.

Salient facts

The easiest way to laugh heartily, sustain the exercise with minimal physical strain, and connect (when you do) with genuine, free-flow laughter is seated, or better (but only if you can) lying on the floor on your back, with knees bent.


In this course you will:

  • Learn the history, key ideas and guiding principles of Laughter Yoga.
  • Learn how to succinctly and effectively explain Laughter Yoga and its benefits.
  • Learn all the necessary knowledge and skills to facilitate group laughter sessions and meditations with the general public, and laugh lots in the process.
  • Learn about the challenges of Laughter Yoga and how to avoid them.
  • Learn everything you need to know to successfully start and run a thriving Community Laughter Club.

Course outline

1. Overview

2. Introduction

2.1. How to get the most out of this course
2.2. Contraindications
2.3. Knowledge review
2.4. The three minute laughter challenge

3. Laughter Yoga

3.1. Laughter Yoga in a nutshell
3.2. History
3.3. The yoga roots
3.4. Five key ideas of Laughter Yoga
3.5. Community Laughter Clubs
3.6. World Laughter Day
3.7. (R)Evolution of Laughter Yoga

4. How: Basic skills

4.1. Five guiding principles for your practice
4.2. Practice session
4.3. Structure of a complete Laughter Yoga experience
4.4. Tell: Introduce yourself and the activity you are proposing

4.4.1. The official script
4.4.2. A different viewpoint
4.4.3. What is your story?
4.4.4. Five Teaching tips

4.5. Show: Explain and model what you want people to do

4.5.1. Clapping
4.5.2. Breathing
4.5.3. Very good, very good, yay!
4.5.4. Five key reminders

4.6. Do: Let the fun begin!

4.6.1. Warm up or no warm up exercises?
4.6.2. The Laughter exercises
4.6.3. Useful techniques
4.6.4. 40 foundation exercises
4.6.5. Teaching Tips
4.6.6. Your first Laughter Yoga session plan
4.6.7. Gibberish
4.6.8. Beyond laughter exercises

4.7. Step 4: Integrate

4.7.1. The Laughter Meditation
4.7.2. Grounding techniques

4.8. Wrap up
4.9. Putting it all together
4.10. How to become a better Certified Laughter Wellness Teacher
4.11. Challenges of Laughter Yoga and proposed solutions

5. Where

5.1. Community Laughter Clubs

5.1.1. History
5.1.2. Benefits of running a Community Laughter Club
5.1.3. Important considerations
5.1.4. Secrets of Community Laughter Club success
5.1.5. The legal side

5.2. Online and Skype Laughter Clubs
5.3. More social initiatives

6. In summary

6.1. What you need to remember
6.2. Suggested next steps
6.3. Course assignement
6.4. Course Test


Laughter Yoga in the West follows a simple five-step process, just like every other exercise class:

  • Tell: You must introduce yourself and the activity you are proposing.
  • Show: How is it going to work? You must explain and model what you want people to do, so that they understand and know what is expected of them.
  • Do: This is the dynamic part of your session. It follows its own sub-routine of tell-show-do: Say the name of an exercise, model how it works, do it together, then repeat this sequence with the next exercise, etc.
  • Integrate: This is an important step with an inward focus where you try to assimilate what you have done so far into a coordinated, harmonious whole.
  • Wrap up: This is the final stage of the class and about bringing closure to a unique experience. It helps participants to smoothly transition back to their life.

Key ideas

  • A sense of humor is not required to laugh.
  • You can laugh even if you are not in a good mood.
  • You can laugh even if you are not happy. Laughing is easy. It’s deciding to laugh that’s difficult.
  • Once you learn to play, you don’t have to laugh. Laughter becomes a natural outcome of your playful behaviors.
  • You can train your body and mind to laugh.

Salient facts

Laughter Yoga shows that laughter, like Yoga, can be systematized into an exercise modality to help people be healthier in body, mind and spirit.


  • Learn professional presentation skills for your laughter programs.
  • Learn how to structure and lead professional laughter sessions.
  • Learn a solid framework of laughter exercises and related joy-filled activities (over 200), how to build on it, and how to decorate it with your own creativity, based on your own experiences, taking into consideration your particular needs, goals and physical abilities.
  • Learn how to enrich your laughter sessions with dancing and singing activities, games and more.
  • Learn how to choose partners and form groups.
  • Learn a wealth of useful techniques, as well as tips and tricks for all stages of your laughter sessions.

Course outline

1. Overview

2. Introduction

2.1. Blue sky ahead
2.2. How to get the most out of this course
2.3. Knowledge review

3. Where it’s all coming from

3.1. Down history lane
3.2. How knowing your history can help you

4. The Laughter Wellness protocol

4.1. Step 1: Tell (capture interest!)

4.1.1. Getting participants to know each other
4.1.2. Getting participants to know you and what you offer
4.1.3. More strategies to convey the benefits of laughter
4.1.4. What to do with difficult groups
4.1.5. Tips and tricks for aspiring professional speakers
4.1.6. How is Laughter Wellness different from Laughter Yoga?
4.1.7. Homework

4.2. Step 2: Show

4.2.1. The sequence
4.2.2. Clapping
4.2.3. Breathing
4.2.4. Affirmations
4.2.5. Five key reminders

4.3. Step 3: Do

4.3.1. Physical and/or voice warm-ups
4.3.2. Activity: Laughter exercises
4.3.3. Important consideration #1: What is your desired level of playfulness?
4.3.4. Required homework for Certified Laughter Wellness Teacher (Level 2) Diploma
4.3.5. Important consideration #2: What are you trying to achieve?
4.3.6. Test your knowledge
4.3.7. Basic variations for every laughter exercise
4.3.8. Activity: Dancing
4.3.9. Activity: Playing
4.3.10. Activity: Singing
4.3.11. How to choose partners and form groups
4.3.12. Teaching tips

4.4. Integrate

4.4.1. The Laughter Meditation
4.4.2. What if it doesn’t work?
4.4.3. How to stop the laughter meditation
4.4.4. A few words about tears

4.5. Wrap up

4.5.1. Healing energies
4.5.2. Positive affirmations
4.5.3. Sharing, questions and answers, announcements
4.5.4. Appreciation

4.6. Laughter Wellness cheat sheets

4.6.1. Cheat sheet #1: 48 classic laughter exercises
4.6.2. Cheat sheet #2: 48 classic breathing exercises
4.6.3. Cheat sheet #3: 48 classic clapping exercises, affirmations and more

5. Legal questions and FAQs

5.1. The legal side
5.2. Frequently asked questions

6. In conclusion

6.1. What you need to remember
6.2. Suggested next steps
6.3. Course assignments
6.4. Course test


Laughter Wellness is a unique and far-reaching health promotion and disease prevention program that uses safe, gentle and FUN simulated laughter techniques to enhance one’s wellbeing.

Key ideas

Laughter Wellness sessions unfold in five simple steps. Participants are taken on a fluid journey into the gentle movements and behaviors of health, joy and connectedness. Sessions are filled with positive and life-affirming interactions. Laughter is the glue between all activities, and it is used as a form of elective exercise. There are no jokes or comedy. We simply choose to laugh, because we can. This is an activity that can be done standing or seated and is universally well-tolerated. No equipment or particular articles of clothing are required. The minimum recommended duration for a session is 20 minutes. A typical session lasts 45 minutes to one hour.

Salient facts

Whatever you say in your introduction should answer the question “Why me, for you, with this, now.


In this course you will learn important techniques to laugh with a variety of groups.

Course outline

1. Overview
2. Introduction
3. Laughing with business people
4. Laughing with children

4.1. Why laugh with children
4.2. How to laugh with children

4.2.1. Things to consider
4.2.2. Exercises that work well with children
4.2.3. Important review
4.2.4. Laughter action stories
4.2.5. Relaxation ideas

5. Laughing in age-care

5.1. Laughing with able seniors

5.1.1. Understand the needs of seniors and how laughter can help
5.1.2. Where seniors live: Housing structures of age-care
5.1.3. Important advice for working with seniors
5.1.4. Exercises that work well with able seniors

5.2. Alzheimer, Dementia and special needs groups

5.2.1. Things to consider
5.2.2. Exercises that work well with seniors with special needs
5.2.3. Frequently asked questions

6. Laughter and mental health

6.1. Laughter breaks the cycle of psychological negativity
6.2. The limbic system
6.3. Laughter in counseling sessions
6.4. Important review

7. Laughing in jails and prisons

7.1. Jails
7.2. Prisons
7.3. How it works

8. In conclusion

8.1. What you need to remember
8.2. Suggested next steps
8.3. Course assignments
8.4. Course test


Laughing with people of all ages, physical abilities, and cultures is easier than you think. Keep exploring the one-inch past your comfort zone. Try new techniques, one at a time.

Key ideas

Practice. Be patient. Persevere.

Salient facts

Keep spreading the light and your own path will never be dark.

How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the training materials available for review after completion of my chosen course?2018-05-30T12:50:14+00:00


When you subscribe to any of our online trainings you get access to all of the included resources as long as your membership remains active (you get 12 months to start with, then you must renew for a low price if you want to keep it active).

Are there contraindications to laughing?2018-04-06T16:20:06+00:00
Are there hidden fees?2018-05-30T12:50:14+00:00

There are no hidden fees. What we advertise is what you pay, and that’s it.

Are there minimum health requirements to attend an in-person training?2018-05-30T12:50:14+00:00

Each individual participating in any of our in-person program is responsible for his or her own insurance needs (be it accidental and or medical). By signing up to any of our workshops, trainings or events you implicitly agree that you have read, agree without reserve and comply with all of the following:

  1. You have read and fully understand that Laughter Wellness exercises are equivalent to any other aerobic exercise and therefore accept full responsibility for your physical fitness and declare that you are able to participate in this event.
  2. You release the facilitators/teachers/instructors from any liability, should there be any accidental injuries that may occur during the laughter yoga exercises.
  3. You have consulted your physician and are able to participate in your chosen event. You further declare that you are not suffering from any of the following conditions: uncontrolled high blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy, any kind of hernia, severe backache or major psychiatric disorder.

Health disclaimer, liability waiver and release

We are enforcing the following waiver because of our sincere concern for your best health and safety. It is our hope that it will help you make an informed decision as to if and how you should proceed with the exercises presented to you in our products, trainings and services.

Although voluntary laughter exercises have proven to be safe in most instances, individuals with physical or psychological medical histories should definitely consult the appropriate medical health professional for specific guidance prior to using these or any exercise routine.

  • I understand that I am learning only techniques to help improve health and personal wellbeing from my Laughter Wellness facilitators, teachers, instructors and providers (herein referred to as Facilitators)
  • I understand that the facilitators are not medical health providers and the individual instruction they are offering is not to obtain information about my personal physical or emotional health.
  • This individual instruction is to obtain educational information on skills to implement simulated laughter exercises and not for providing personal health advice.
  • I understand that the facilitators are not treating any physical or emotional condition that I may have.
  • I am totally responsible if I choose to implement any techniques that I learn from the facilitators and realize I need not accept any educational information that the facilitators present in this laughter session planner.
  • I recognize that it is my personal responsibility to consult my physician before implementing any techniques that the facilitators discuss in their individual instruction.

If the information presented in any of the courses offered by facilitators is used without consultation and approval of a physician, the individual will be diagnosing for him or herself. No responsibility is assumed therefore by the facilitators for the use of the information contained in these courses in lieu of a doctor’s services. Some of the techniques discussed in the instruction may be dangerous when improperly used. I accept that it is my full responsibility if I attempt to self-treat based on information in these instructions. The information presented in all the courses offered through the facilitators are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Are your trainings endorsed by any known international yoga institute?2018-05-30T12:50:14+00:00

No, but then to our knowledge no Laughter Therapy training in the world, whatever the tradition, is currently endorsed by any known international yoga institute.

For reference, know that we are an approved training provider of the IICT:

Are all your diplomas internationally recognized?2018-05-30T12:50:14+00:00

Yes, our diplomas are recognized internationally, however please check your own country and state requirements for full details specific to you and your area. All around the world people will know that you trained with a leading expert in the field and this will reflect positively on you.

For reference, know that we are an approved training provider of the IICT:

Are your trainings tax deductible?2018-05-30T12:50:14+00:00

Money spent on continuing education, when taken to maintain and improve professional skills, is tax deductible. There are also other business circumstances that may make such expenses tax deductible. Please contact your accountant for details.

Can I download the videos?2018-05-30T12:50:14+00:00

Yes, you can. What you can’t do though is share them or post them online. Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, all of the material inside the LOU campus (that’s everywhere on our website after you have had to login) is copyrighted and we take this topic very seriously. In general: We already share a lot of free resources. Please respect our work.

Can I get a copy of the training on a CD or DVD?2018-05-30T12:50:14+00:00

Unfortunately, no we do not provide a CD version for any of our online trainings at this point in time. There are too many interactive and multi-media elements for us to be able to do that using the technology we currently have.

Can I login from any computer with my username and password, or am I limited to a single computer?2018-05-30T12:50:14+00:00

Yes, you can login from any internet-connected computer. However, you can only be logged in to one computer at a time. Our automated system monitors your logins and usage. If it appears that the system is being abused, you will be alerted. You should consider changing your password by editing your profile in the Members area to stop further activity. If continued abuses are logged, you may be in violation of our Terms and Conditions, and your account may be reviewed for possible cancellation.

Can I sign up for one of your online trainings and allow multiple users to access it?2018-05-30T12:50:14+00:00

No, you cannot.

First of all this will annoy everybody if you all use the same computer as our learning system keeps track of one person’s progress per account.

Second this will put you at risk of an automatic account freeze as this is a breach of agreement and our server tracks the number of individual IP addresses accessing each individual account.

Third, and to be clear, each subscription is only valid for one person. We offer significant discounts for multiple users, making it worthwhile getting a subscription for each employee. Please contact us for multi-user pricing.

Can I still have access to the site after I get my diploma?2018-05-30T12:50:14+00:00


You can access all of the material and resources associated with your training as long as you subscription is valid, which it s a full 12 months from the day of your purchase.

Can I take the courses on my iPhone or smartphone?2018-05-30T12:50:14+00:00

Yes. Likewise, you can take a shower with a raincoat on – it’s technically possible – but that’s not necessarily the most enjoyable way to do that. It’s your call, really.

Can I take more than one training at a time?2018-05-30T12:50:14+00:00

You can do anything you want, and our advice is that you take one course at a time and complete it before you move on to the next.

Can I use the training to help myself?2018-04-06T16:20:38+00:00

A good education as a laughter teacher begins with understanding yourself and using strategies to improve your own life and circumstances. When you are courageous enough to work on yourself, you gain the experience and “muscle” to help others in a more effective and heartfelt way. Most of our students experience significant personal growth during the first several months, and then learn how to use that personal change to help others.

Can I videotape or do a sound recording of the training?2018-05-30T12:50:14+00:00

We allow informal and low-tech videotaping or sound recording of the workshop provided (1) it is for personal use only and (2) it does not interfere with the class.

Can one make a part-time or full-time living as a teacher of laughter?2018-05-30T12:50:14+00:00

The answer is yes, and.

Many people who train as a Laughter Professional with a reputable organization add several $1,000s to their annual income. Many of our own students do so, helping their own clients of all ages to laugh to “live fully until they die” in a variety of social, professional and corporate settings. Note however that for them laughter is an extra revenue stream. It’s not their sole source of income.

To our knowledge however there are less than 100 full-time Laughter Professionals in the world today (we’re not counting clowns, comedians, humorists or entertainers.) The unpleasant truth is that being self-employed is not easy in any field of activity. According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. Relying on yourself for your income is a very different ballgame from receiving a monthly check, rain or shine. Nobody will come come running after you just because you have learned something that’s truly amazing. Are you ready for the challenge?

There is lots of value in having an experienced business coach who can help you grow faster and avoid costly mistakes, and that’s why we offer the Laughter Wellness Consultant certification program.

Overall here is our default advice if you plan to do it on your own:

  • Don’t plan on quitting your full time job just yet. Start somewhere and build from there. Gain some expertise both facilitating laughter interventions AND as public speaker.  You will typically only be able to start calling yourself a Laughter Professional after a minimum of 50 hours of hands-on practice and its associated feedback process to make sure you keep growing, nor merely doing more of the same.
  • Get comfortable selling. One way to learn that skill for free is to volunteer doing fundraising a few hours per week for a local widow’s and children’s fund until you are not afraid of knocking on doors and be rejected anymore.
  • Educate yourself on how to best market and sell a service. Lots of good books have been written on that topic. (See a suggested link below.) Remember that there are no mistakes, only learning curves.

Here are resources you should study:

Do I have to attend the classes or calls live?2018-05-30T12:50:14+00:00

We strongly recommend that you do, and if you can’t you can always watch the recorded video at a time that suits you. Unless otherwise specified all recordings are stored in the directory of the LOU Pro Discussion Forum associated with your training level.

Do I have to be online at a specific time to take a training?2018-05-30T12:50:14+00:00

Yes and no, but more no than yes.

No: Our online trainings are available around the clock 24/7/365, which means that you can sign-in to study at any time, day or night.

Yes: Your chosen training may include some live and interactive webinars. While those are recorded so that you can watch them at your convenience, we encourage you to login at the scheduled hour to get the most benefits. Live attendance is however not a requirement.

Do I need any particular software to access the online trainings?2018-05-30T12:50:14+00:00

We live in an increasingly complex world that needs not be intimidating. Make sure all your software are up-to-date and you will never have any problem, anywhere.

If you can read this and did not have to wait undue amounts of time for this page to display, you already have all the technology you need to enjoy most of the tools in our online training suite.

That’s it.

As a rule of thumb, a DSL connection with a downstream bandwidth of at least 1 Mbps or higher is recommended for smoothest playback of online videos. You can test your downstream bandwidth at www.speedtest.net

Do I need special insurances to be a teacher of laughter?2018-05-30T12:50:15+00:00

In general: This will depend on your country, state, and the types of people you help. Please check the specific guidelines and requirements for you and your area.

In particular: If you have checked and you are not covered by anybody else’s general liability policy, then it is a good idea to get your own for peace of mind. You may want to review your existing insurance policies and/or ask your insurance broker for advice. You may not need a new plan.

For insurance purposes Laughter Wellness professionals are akin to fitness or yoga professionals. The cost of public liability insurance in the USA varies between $125 and $300 per year. Popular insurance companies include www.phly.comwww.alternativebalance.net, www.sportsfitness.comIDEA Health & Fitness Association and Yoga Journal.

Read more.

Do you have free trainings?2018-05-30T12:50:15+00:00

Here are the free options that we offer.

  1. Get your free Laughter Wellness starter kit.
  2. Read and practice along the videos on How to Kick-Start Your Laughter And Keep It Going
  3. Subscribe to our free membership and study and practice what you will find there, in particular in the LOU TV section.
  4. Join a Laughter Club near you, online or on the phone.
  5. Read our article “How to get what you want.

Success to you!

Do you offer a training that entitles me to run my own Laughter club?2018-04-06T16:24:04+00:00

Let’s be clear on this one: There are no legal requirements to run a laughter club or offering your own laughter programs if you feel you are ready for that. All laughter education does (ours and everybody else’s) is (1) help you learn much faster the art and science of laughter therapy and avoid time-consuming and costly mistakes and (2) give you access to an established brand name and material. It does come with an upfront price, but saves you lost of time, headaches and therefore money in the end.

Do you offer Continuing Education Credits (CNEs, CMEs)?2018-05-30T12:50:24+00:00

We do not offer continuing education credits at this point in time but this is something we are working on so stay tuned. In the meantime we are happy to provide all the needed documentation for you to apply yourself with your state professional board.

Do you offer discounts or scholarships?2018-05-30T12:50:24+00:00

We do offer group discounts, e.g., 20% off for couples and multiple family members within the same household. Contact us for more information.

We are unfortunately not able to offer scholarships at this point in time, e.g., for students or seniors. The reason is that with us you don’t simply get information (watch this, read that) but real training, which means we follow an interactive process with built-in feedback mechanisms that guarantees you will truly learn and get better at it. (If practice was all there is to learning then every donkey in the world would be a master.) This process is time consuming for us too and our current pricing is already carefully calculated.

If your budget is tight for whatever reason we encourage you to do the following:

  1. Get your free Laughter Wellness starter kit.
  2. Read and practice along the videos on How to Kick-Start Your Laughter And Keep It Going
  3. Subscribe to our free membership and study and practice what you will find there, in particular in the LOU TV section.
  4. Join a Laughter Club near you, online or on the phone.
  5. Read our article “How to get what you want.

Success to you!

Do you offer payment plans?2018-05-30T12:50:24+00:00

Yes, we do offer easy payment plans whereby an agreed amount is charged directly to your bank account or credit card every month. Contact us for more information.

How do I contact support?2018-05-30T12:50:24+00:00

The best way to get help from support is to send us an email at [email protected] (our mother company).

How do I get there and where do you recommend I sleep?2018-05-30T12:50:25+00:00

You will receive a summary email about the exact location of your chosen training and nearby sleeping options as soon as you sign up. If your chosen training is in the USA here is a list of free resources you may find useful in planning your trip:

  • Check airlines fares through https://www.kayak.com/flights.
  • Get from the airport to your destination using Supershuttle shared taxis, Uber or Lyft.
  • Find nearby hotels using the training address with Orbitz.com. Consider the  airbnb.com alternative, or even couchsurfing.com if you are on a budget.
  • Contact your teacher directly and tell them what your needs are! S/he may be able to help you connect with another participant driving from your area, or looking to share a hotel room.
How does the Laughter Wellness method expand and enrich Laughter Yoga?2018-04-25T09:01:53+00:00

Laughter Wellness is an evolution of Laughter Yoga, itself the synthesis of over 30 years of research in Laughter Therapy. While it is impossible to make a black and white comparison of both methods (many laughter practitioners are trained in, or inspired by both), here is a very general overview of how each approach complement each other:

Laughter Yoga
Laughter Wellness
An exercise regime that has become a world brand. A complete wellness and well-being workout that is often white labelled.
Follows the Laughter Yoga protocol in which the strongest emphasis is on laughter exercises. Follows the Laughter Wellness protocol that incorporates a series of cognitive-behavioral therapies to arouse smiling, laughter, pleasant feelings and positive energies.
Built on voluntary, simulated laughter. Leans on having all participants doing everything big and loud. Builds on intentional laughter and the mindset that comes with it. Leans on doing everything gently and allowing people to participate at their chosen level of comfort.
Is about having fun. Advocates childlike playfulness. Is about arousing smiling, laughter, pleasant feelings and positive energies. Advocates developing a healthy and sustainable adult relationship with our inner child.
Promotes health, joy and community with a strong emphasis on happiness and World peace through laughter. Promotes health, joy and community with a strong emphasis on peace of mind and an inner locus of control.
Iconic quotes: “Laugh for no reason” and “Fake it until you make it.” Iconic quotes: “Choose to laugh” and “Face it, don’t fake it.
Very popular in the world of community laughter clubs. A source of inspiration and ideas for laughter, healing, service and education professionals.
18 minutes with Dr Madan Kataria, creator of Laughter Yoga:

12 minutes with Sebastien Gendry, creator of Laughter Wellness:

I already laugh a lot. Why do I need Laughter Wellness?2018-04-06T16:25:39+00:00

You don’t. It depends on what you want to achieve. Let’s review two important concepts:

Spontaneous laughter (which you are talking about) is unrelated to one’s free will, and is triggered by different (external) stimuli and positive emotions. Humor belongs to this group, amongst several other techniques. It has been around since time immemorial, with mixed results. Although often associated, it is important to note that laughter and humor are distinct events. Whereas humor is a stimulus that can occur without laughter, laughter is both an emotion and a response and can occur without humor.

Intentional (voluntary) laughter (which we teach) is a safe, reliable and sustainable way to tap into your own inner cellular pharmacy and use laughter to promote health, wellness and well being. It offers important benefits that the occasional spontaneous laughter of daily life does not:

  • It’s a valid alternative. Imagine cutting a lemon in half, and squeezing it in your mouth. How do you feel? The more vividly you imagine this experience is, the stronger your body will react. Your mind knows there is no lemon, but your body doesn’t. It’s the same phenomenon when you intentionally choose to laugh. Your mind will always know the difference between simulated and genuine laughter, but your body won’t because it can’t think. The body can only feel.
  • It lasts longer and offer more benefits. Just like with any form of exercise, 20-60 minutes of continuous practice will give you much more benefits than just a few seconds at a time. The spontaneous laughter that naturally occurs in daily life, in comparison, only comes for a few seconds here and there and does not produce the same level of benefits.
  • It’s an easy way to reliably access your own inner cellular pharmacy. Laughter acts as a pump and stimulates the cleansing of the lymph system by creating a vacuum effect that pulls the lymph through the bloodstream. This increases the rate of toxic elimination by as much as 15 times the normal rate. In daily life, deep belly laughter is rare and generally short-lived when it does occur.
  • It’s a safe way to release tension. Choosing to laugh allows people to vocalize rather than verbalize tension and safely diffuse it. Humans are feelings machines, and the flux of emotions is not always easy to control. In daily life, people resist the urge to laugh, cry, scream, or otherwise be emotional, but emotions are illogical, irrational, and unreasonable. When you have too much of them, they just come out. Imagine a pressure cooker. It’s the same phenomenon. At some point, no matter how strong it is, it will explode if the pressure inside keeps building. Learning to release inner tensions without narrative solely through the expression of sound helps people see reality more clearly, without personal distortions.
  • It is sustainable. Intentional laughter is always new, fresh and different. It’s the purest form of laughter there is because there is no reason for it. It is free of conditions, beyond culture and time, and requires no particular setup or equipment.
  • It is reliable. The Laughter Wellness method is a fully codified and substantiated approach to Laughter Therapy. There is nothing to stop you from laughing when you want to. From a therapeutic perspective, the spontaneous laughter of daily life is not reliable because it is dependent on too many factors outside of your control.
  • It’s a tool for personal development.  Choosing to laugh forces a shift in attitude from “I can’t” into “I can.” In time the belief that laughter is “nowhere” evolves into the realization that laughter is “now here”. This promotes a positive mindset and everything that comes with it. Would you still be able to laugh if everything that makes you happy and feel good disappeared overnight? The answer is most probably no, and this is why our approach to laughter can be of great benefit to you, even if you already laugh a lot. It will help put the reasons why you laugh inside of you, not outside, and teach you equanimity. Only one who knows how to create a balance between favorable and unfavorable situations can maintain balance of mind and his composure.
I already trained with another laughter school. What am I going to learn with you that I don’t already know?2018-04-06T16:25:40+00:00

This is a fully valid question. The answer is that, just like with music, dancing, or any other creative arts, laughter is a world of infinite possibilities. You may have mastered one particular approach to it and if so that’s wonderful and well done, and you will quickly realize once you open yourself to other people’s experiences that one lifetime won’t be enough to learn everything there is to learn. The limitations we see are really only the limitations we impose on ourselves.

What we offer is a laughter education and a very comprehensive approach to Laughter Therapy that time-tested and that works. We encourage you to give it a try and see for yourself as it is risk-free. We offer a 30 day full money back guarantee and nobody so far has ever requested a refund because the training or resource(s) they purchased lack depth.

I am a Laughter Yoga Leader/Teacher. Can I start directly with the trainer and/or consultant certification program?2018-05-30T12:50:25+00:00

If you want to become a Certified Laughter Wellness Trainer: No you can’t, and that’s in your best interest. Even though very complimentary to Laughter Yoga, the Laughter Wellness method follows a different approach and protocol and we can tell you from experience that it takes a bit of time to adjust. When ready to attend the 5-day in-person training you should come to review and deepen your knowledge, not to learn something completely new altogether. You can complete this Laughter Wellness facilitator training online (you’ll also get a 50% discount!)

If you want to become a Certified Laughter Wellness Consultant: Yes you can, as the goal of this particular training is not to teach you a particular laughter methodology but take your existing skills to professional level and give you the confidence to go out there and confidently offer for-fee laughter programs in the community.

I am new to the world of laughter therapy. Where should I start?2018-04-06T16:26:01+00:00

First things first! Thank you for your interest and well done on your decision to pursue it deeper.

Start here.

I am sick. Can the Laughter Wellness method heal me?2017-10-14T17:36:34+00:00

Laughter may be a powerful, documented and inexpensive form of complementary medicine, yet it is not and cannot be a substitute for medical treatment. We do not recommend nor suggest in any way shape or form that you discontinue your current treatment plan if you have one. Please share what you are doing with your primary health physician and follow his/her advice. Read more about the contraindications of laughter.

I forgot my login details/password. How do I login?2018-05-30T12:50:25+00:00

Go to the LOU login page at https://www.laughteronlineuniversity.com/fun/member/
At the bottom right of the login box click on the link “Forgot password?”
That’s it!
Enter your known login ID or your email address and a new password will automatically be sent to you.

Is internet access always required?2018-05-30T12:50:25+00:00

This is one of those questions that’s both a yes and a no. You can download a lot of our material and study it offline but not all of it. Overall, having easy access to a good broadband or network connection will guarantee an optimal experience of our online training modules. If you do not have a computer and/or internet access, then consider visiting your local library. Most have those and offer them as a free service to the general public.

Is there a time requirement to finish the online training?2018-05-30T12:50:25+00:00

The only requirement for you to complete your chosen training is that you have an active membership. You can take years to complete the class if you want to. Our learning center is open 24/7/365 and your membership is valid for 12 calendar months. You can renew after that for a small fee.

Is there any possibility for workshops/courses being offered closer to [name of your location]?2018-05-30T12:50:25+00:00

Yes, of course!

Please see our partnering overview page.

Is there opportunity for entrepreneurship once the course is completed?2018-05-30T12:50:25+00:00

There seems to be more than one question embedded in this one.

For the most obvious: You are free to use your laughter skills at your training level anywhere and everywhere you believe they are needed, and we’ll be there to support you on your journey should you have any question.

For what you may be really asking: Can one make a part-time or full-time living as a teacher of laughter?

Is this a lifetime certification? If not, what are the renewal criteria?2018-05-30T12:50:25+00:00

We offer lifetime certifications, but only endorse and support Laughter Wellness Professionals who are committed to their professional growth and keep their knowledge up-to-date. This can be done by attending an annual laughter conference (e.g. the All America Laughter Conference) or maintaining an active membership with the Laughter Online University.

Is your certificate the same as the Laughter Yoga teacher diploma?2018-05-30T12:50:25+00:00

There is no straight answer to this question. It’s like trying to compare an orange with a grapefruit. Both are citrus fruits with lots in common, yet each has very distinct characteristics. Whichever your chosen training level we incorporate the best of Laughter Yoga at that expertise level, always within a much wider framework. What this means is that you will learn more, but you will also have to study and practice more. Read more.

Is your site reliable? Is it safe to supply my credit card online?2018-05-30T12:50:25+00:00

The security of your personal information is important to us. When you enter sensitive information (such as credit card numbers) on our website, we encrypt that information using secure socket layer technology (SSL). When Credit Card details are collected, we simply pass them on to our bank in order to be processed as required. We do NOT store credit card information on our local server. We follow generally accepted industry standards (firewalls and other security measures) to protect the personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive it. Read our privacy policy.

You are welcome to call us at +1 626 755 5999 in case you prefer to pay on the phone. We also accept money orders.

Laughing is not difficult. Why do I need to pay for training?2018-04-06T16:39:16+00:00

Do you understand this: 1+1=2 ?

Most likely the answer is a clear yes.

Does this mean however that you understand mathematics, including advanced mathematics?

Our point is that what we think there is to learn is not necessarily what there indeed is to learn.

There is always more, lots more.

What you pay for is instant access to a knowledge that people like ourselves who have spent years of their lives refining their craft can give you in a very short period of time.

Read this story.

Should you ask participants to sign a non-disclaimer form each time you laugh together?2018-05-30T12:50:25+00:00

Ignore everything the fear-mongers have to say: In the end it’s only up to you.

If you resonate with the idea and it makes you feel more comfortable, then the answer is absolutely yes (You can download a template disclaimer form here (In microsoft .doc format: http://lou.pm/ddoc). This form is offered as a service only and has not been reviewed by a lawyer. I do not guarantee its legal validity.) They have value as a form of prevention, in that they reinforce the message that people are responsible for their own health. From a legal viewpoint, however, they offer no real protection. In the USA a non-disclaimer form must be read out loud and signed in front of a witness to be valid in Court, and even that is not a guarantee you will win a lawsuit.

Just for the record, several laughter practitioners and Community Laughter Clubs have been taken to court over the years in various countries around the world, but none for health reasons so far. The consistent complaint is noise disturbance, and the request of the attacking party is to “stop the cacophony.” Read a typical example here.

What can’t I bring to an in-person training?2018-05-30T12:50:25+00:00
  • Illegal / hallucinatory drugs of any kind, alcoholic anything and pets are not allowed in any of our trainings (unless service animals).
  • Incense, Candles.
  • In consideration of those with chemical sensitivities, kindly refrain from wearing anything that has a scent or fragrance.
  • Please keep your cell phone switched off or on vibrate mode during all training sessions.
What do I need to bring to an in-person training?2018-05-30T12:50:25+00:00
  • A big smile.
  • A bottle of water.
  • A yoga mat or blanket as we’ll showcase some floor exercises. (Note: All exercises are optional.)
  • Pen & paper for taking notes.
  • Lunch is not provided, so we invite you to bring food to share for a communal experience. Alternatively, know that our trainings are always in the vicinity of restaurants.
  • Something to keep you warm inside as air-conditioning can be cold.
  • Optional: Flyers, business cards, any marketing literature you would like to showcase and/or share.
  • Optional: A portable storage device (e.g., a USB key.) We always have electronic resources that we are willing to share.
What do I need to wear / How should I dress for an in-person training?2018-05-30T12:50:25+00:00

Unless otherwise specified there is no dress code for our trainings and workshops. Bring any clothes that make you feel good.

What do I need to do to graduate online?2018-05-30T12:50:25+00:00

To graduate online with us you need to have an active LOU account and complete all of your course requirements. See each individual course description for a list of what that is.

What forms of payment do you accept?2018-05-30T12:50:25+00:00

We accept all major credit cards, money orders cash for local customers, and numerous other payment alternatives (not everybody has a credit card.) Contact us for more information.

The only thing we don’t accept are personal checks.

What if I can’t attend a weekly online webinar?2018-05-30T12:50:37+00:00

Life happens and that’s OK. We record all our online webinars and you will be able to both view them online and/or download them at your convenience about 2 hours after they end.

What internet browsers do you support?2018-05-30T12:50:37+00:00

We rely on current mainstream internet technology that is platform independent. The experience you will have with us will be the same as the one you have normally browsing the internet and watching videos on sites such as www.youtube.com and www.vimeo.com, regardless of what browser or device(s) you are using.

In the extremely rare event where what we offer doesn’t work on your existing setup then all you have to do is cancel within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund you in full.

This being said, we recommend that you use an up-to-date major browser (e.g., chrome, firefox, internet explorer, safari) with a modern device that is less than 3 years old. This is not a must-have, but it will make your experience much more enjoyable.

What is different between your online and in-person certification programs?2018-05-30T12:50:37+00:00

What is different is how you receive your laughter education. Training online will give you access to much more content and therefore more “knowing” but also less “owning” because of the lesser degree of “live” practice time in a group with a feedback from your teacher. To be clear, nothing can beat an in-person training with an able trainer. This is what we recommend if you have that option. You can always come back to us later if/when you want to learn more.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?2018-05-30T12:50:37+00:00

Online Trainings and Subscriptions

All our online trainings and subscriptions come with a full 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, then we’re not. To get your refund simply contact us and kindly tell us the reason for your refund request, so that we can learn from it. We stand behind our products and are committed to your success because we want to grow with you. Your refund will occur within 30 business days following your cancellation.

In-person Trainings

We realize that work and personal commitments may change, and the date originally booked may no longer be suitable. It is vital that our office is notified at the earliest possible time, if you are unable to attend the course

All cancellations and transfers must be made in writing, signed and faxed to +1 800 963 1385. We will confirm receipt within 48h. If you do not hear back from us within 48h of your cancellation or transfer request, you must call us at +1 626 755 5999.

  • We’re easy and understand that all cancellations are due to unforeseen reasons. As a rule of thumb we will always refund you what you have paid us in full, minus a fixed administration fee of US$50.00 per delegate.
  • Note however that there are regular instances when our events do sell out. If this is the case  and you notify us only within the last 7 days prior to course commencement, then sadly yes, 100% of the course value is payable. Should this happen to you and as a sign of goodwill then we will offer you to transfer your registration to another of our events.
  • If a delegate does not attend and notice of cancellation or transfer has not been made in writing then the invoiced amount is still payable.
  • Transfers, credit notes and gift vouchers are valid only once. If you are unable to attend the course the full amount is still payable.
  • Replacement participants are welcomed at no additional cost.

In Case We Cancel – Anything can happen any time to anybody, including us. The Laughter Online University and its parent company The Laughter Consultants, LLC, reserves the right to cancel any program at any time. If we cancel a program, you will receive a full refund. We recommend you contact your travel agent to purchase travel insurance in the event that you need to cancel or change your travel plans.

What is your refund policy?2018-05-30T12:50:37+00:00

All our online trainings and subscriptions come with a full 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, then we’re not. To get your refund simply contact us and kindly tell us the reason for your refund request, so that we can learn from it. We stand behind our products and are committed to your success because we want to grow with you. Your refund will occur within 30 business days following your cancellation.

What will I be able to call myself once I complete the training?2018-05-30T12:50:38+00:00

We recommend you use the title associated with your training level. Claim it with pride. It has value.

When can I start working with clients?2018-05-30T12:50:38+00:00

Any time you feel ready. This is a very personal decision and often has a lot to do with one’s previous life experience. We recommend you teach a minimum of 50 laughter sessions before you consider selling your laughter services. In the meantime, attend your local Laughter Club or start one yourself to build your confidence. We also recommend that you start explaining what you are learning to friends and family members. Teaching is often the best way to learn and it will be great practice for your client work.

Where can I experience a group Laughter Wellness session?2018-04-06T16:35:43+00:00

There is a listing of community Laughter Clubs here.

We also encourage you to look at How to Kick-Start Your Laughter And Keep It Going.

Where can I buy public liability insurance to teach Laughter Wellness?2018-05-30T12:50:38+00:00

If you have checked and you are not covered by anybody else’s general liability policy, then it is a good idea to get your own for peace of mind.

Always give ample of consideration to safe practice if you choose to go without! You may also want to review your existing insurance policies and/or ask your insurance broker for advice. You may not need a new plan.

For insurance purposes Laughter Wellness Teachers are akin to fitness or yoga professionals.

Who qualifies for insurance?

Here what our own insurance www.sportsfitness.com says about this:

“We offer a general liability policy that includes coverage for Professional Liability and Sexual Abuse and Molestation, so the coverage is much broader than a simple general liability policy.  This is a specialized policy developed for yoga and fitness professionals. 

Our insurance program is not for specific yoga certifications, but for yoga teachers in general.  We may ask for certifications on our applications, but that is simply a tool for us to track where the business is coming from.  In the event of a claim, I cannot envision a scenario where we would deny a claim based on certification, or lack thereof.  Our policy has NO exclusionary language related to certifications.”

You may want to check the exact requirements of your chosen insurance. Call them. In case there is ever a claim the last thing you want is to find out that your insurance is invalid.

Where can you get insured?

The cost of public liability insurance in the USA varies between $125 and $300 per year.

Here are options you may want to investigate that we know of, from cheaper to more expensive (the more you pay, the more you get).


  • Being a member of CanFitPro (a fitness organization) makes you eligible for liability insurance (very affordable), which you can then get through www.sthunt.com


UK and Ireland
Please let us know if you know more providers, in these or other countries!

Will I need a state license to practice?2018-05-30T12:50:38+00:00

In general: This will depend on your country and state, the types of people you help and who is paying you. Please check the specific guidelines and requirements for you and your area.

In America: There are currently no regulations on Laughter Wellness teachers, or any other types of Laughter Professionals for that matter. You do not need to be certified, registered, or licensed in order to offer laughter programs. This means that unless required by an establishment (e.g., gym or health club) instructors are not required to hold any certification in order to work as an instructor. In fact, some of the most experienced and well-known teachers have never been certified, registered, or licensed. That is because “Laughter Therapy” is a relatively recent concept, especially in regards to teaching it.

Will I receive a hard copy of the diploma or just a soft copy?2018-05-30T12:50:38+00:00

We mail our US students a hard copy of their diploma for free shortly after they complete the online training. If you live overseas then we will email it to you in PDF format.

Will my membership automatically renew?2018-05-30T12:50:38+00:00

No. You can purchase in confidence knowing that we won’t bill you in the future without your explicit consent.

Will the diploma include the word “online” ?2018-05-30T12:50:38+00:00

Our online diplomas (if the membership you are subscribed to includes one) are typically issued by the Laughter Online University but can be issued in the name of the Laughter Wellness Institute if that’s your preference. Contact us to discuss.

Will your trainings help me pursue further study in professional laughter therapy?2018-04-06T16:42:01+00:00

The world of Laughter Therapy is young and has currently no recognized set standards. Each school offers its own path. You will find the education we offer to be very comprehensive, yet studying with us (or anybody else for that matter) is no guarantee that other schools will accept your diploma for further advanced studies with them. Please check with them directly.

For reference, know that we are an approved training provider of the IICT:

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True. We live in a world where very few things can make people laugh, while hundreds can make them frown, howl and cry. Many people lose track of the therapeutic values of laughter when stress and adversity knock at their door.

“Why should we laugh?” they say. “It doesn’t pay the bills.”

Society teaches that problems are serious and need to be addressed seriously. Laughter, on the other hand, is often perceived as frivolous and only relevant in its proper time and place.

There is a different way to look at this.

Laughing in the face of adversity won’t pay your bills, but it will teach you equanimity. It is not about strength, but courage, because it’s about letting go. Only one who knows how to create a balance between the favorable and unfavorable situations can maintain mental balance and composure. Life is not always fun, but it certainly is much more fun with laughter than without.

Practices such as Laughter Wellness help you feel at peace and good about yourself in the present moment, for no particular reason. They give you the ability to laugh at things that previously would have caused stress or anger, along with the ability to experience a new sense of forgiveness.

When you change, the world around you changes. When you feel good, you are more likely to address the challenges you have to face constructively and with a positive attitude.

You can laugh when you want to, because you want to, if you want to. You can train yourself to react positively in the face of adversity. Whatever happens to you, whether pleasant or unpleasant, doesn’t matter at all. Nerve impulses are just that ─ nerve impulses. They mean nothing.

Choosing to remain positive and be comfortable with your imperfections and the challenges in your life does not mean you have to be complacent about them. You should not. Laughing about them is a sign of maturity. It’s a political act, a declaration of freedom, a demonstration that we are not afraid, that we refuse to let fear, anger, guilt or resentment win and rule our lives.

What People Say

Canada: Salimah Kassim-Lakha is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader from Toronto, Canada. She had just been contracted to present at a national Yoga Conference when she signed up with the Laughter Online University. She was looking for a training to refresh her skills. Here is what she said:

Dubai:This beautiful course has been one of the best and the most useful online courses i have been through. The material is very clear and extended. It is a well researched and explained method to become a Certified Laughter Wellness Facilitator.” Sahar Moussly, Author, Master Behavioural Coach

Portugal: Jörg Helms and Ana Banana are two Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers who brought Laughter Yoga to Portugal. Together they have trained almost 500 Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders. Here is what Jörg said about the Laughter Online University: “A great program! I highly recommend it”.

USA:The program of the Laughter Online University is excellent. It demonstrates well how to achieve competency in teaching laughter-based programs and becoming a Certified Laughter Wellness Facilitator. You have done a magnanimous job with a mountain of knowledge. Thank you for making this possible.” Dennis Stalvey, Senior Chaplain, Magnolia Manor Nursing Center

I just finished my online training and value my Laughter Wellness diploma as much as my medical diploma. It has offered me tools, information, the ability to connect with people at a deep level and to offer them a wellness medicine. I love it!
Sharon Montes, M.D., Watch the video testimonial
Sharon Montes, M.D.