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LOU Laughter Academy

Join the ultimate resource and training center for Laughter Therapy  (Laughter Yoga, Laughter Wellness, and similar approaches)!

Would you like to (1) heal with joy
and/or (2) become a teacher of laughter
and help other live happier, healthier and more connected lives?

Get your laughter journey started!

Top 5 benefits:

  • Save a lot of time! Easy access to the online laughter session planner (demo version)
  • Enrich your knowledge: Easy access to pro articles, tips and tricks on laughter therapy
  • Educate yourself: FREE training module on the science of laughter (limited)
  • Education yourself: FREE access to the LOU TV’s library of video on laughter therapy (limited)
  • Connect with our community: FREE access to our private online discussion forum (limited)

Take your laughter knowledge to the next level!

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Why People Study With Us


Laughter and meditation as daily mindful practices create wellness on physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels, and impact work proficiency and relationships at their core.

Leading edge. Beyond the quality of the education it offers, LOU’s success comes from its visionary strategy and supporting structure, professional standards, systems, and support.
Worldwide Community.  We currently have students in 42 countries, and counting. They are people who want to help themselves, their family, peers and/or clients of all ages to laugh to “live fully until they die” in a variety of social, professional and corporate settings.
Reliable & Reputable. We have been active full-time at the highest level in our field since 2005, offering a variety of laughter programs to 1,000s on 4 continents.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee! Your purchases with us are all 100% risk free. If you’re not satisfied, then we’re not.
Support. We do offer various levels of support, but regardless of which membership you have one thing is constant: We’re based in America and 100% behind you. With us you will never be left with your questions unanswered.



“The program of the Laughter Online University is excellent. It demonstrates well how to achieve competency in teaching laughter-based programs. You have done a magnanimous job with a mountain of knowledge.”

Happy online Laughter Therapy training student

Dennis Stalvey

Jörg Helms: “I highly recommend LOU”

Salimah Kassim-Lakha: “My repertoire quadrupled”

Sharon Montes, M.D.: I value my Laughter Wellness diploma as much as my medical diploma.”

Matty O’Shea: “It saves me so much time and money!”

“This was a great way to learn how to run laughter sessions and laughter clubs. It gave me all the info I needed to get started.”

Happy Online Laughter Therapy Training Student

Kate Rogers

“This has been one of the best and the most useful online courses I have been through, and I have taken quite a number of online courses. The material is very clear, extended and well researched. Well done!”

Happy Online Laughter Therapy Training Student

Sahar Moussly

“This course was a key factor in learning new Laughter Wellness techniques that I can implement with my clients.”

Happy Online Laughter Therapy Training Student

Carlos Gongora

“I want to let you know that as a long time leader and teacher of laughter (since 2003) I am so impressed by your program, feeling that it does include ALL of the different facets of laughter that are going on, and embracing the many ways to do it, without negating one or the other, but actually celebrating and inviting learning in an inclusive positive way. That is very impressive!”

Happy Online Laughter Therapy Training Student

Lydia Gonzales, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

“What a wonderful way to learn. It blows my mind. I thought I was learning Laughter Therapy to help others and I find it’s helping me. I really didn’t expect
that at all.”

Happy Online Laughter Therapy Training Student

Barbara Legge

“I had no idea that this training would have such a deep positive impact on me.”

Karen Siugzda, Project Manager

“This program has changed my life and I am changing others step by step.”

Karen Hasick, Teacher

“I have learned so much and gained so much self confidence!”

Mary Mayer

“This is an excellent course. I will tell all my friends and clients.”

Rosemary Christie

“You have a great program and being a part of it is a blessing.”

Julie Pugmire

“What a FUN, stimulating and inspiring learning experience!”

Melody Meyer

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