About The Laughter Online UniversityThe Laughter Online University (LOU) is a world leading supplier of online education on laughter therapy. We currently have students in 77 countries and counting. Our mission is to integrate laughter into wellbeing solutions at home and at work. We offer professional online and in-person courses for adults as well as a variety of professional resources, articles and research to support the use of laughter for happier, healthier, and more integrated lives.

Our students and clients are people worldwide who are seeking or want to teach the physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual benefits of laughter, and – more importantly- people who want to have fun making a difference in social and business settings.

LOU was founded by Sebastian Gendry, a leading global expert on Laughter Therapy and a visionary who acknowledged early in 2011 that we now live in a digital age and the ways in which we work, socialize and learn are changing. People are now used to receiving a continuous stream of digital information at a fast pace and incorporating it into their daily working and social lives – so why should the way we learn new skills be any different?

Online learning is an extremely valuable additional element to face-to-face trainings which supports and enriches existing teaching practices.

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What makes us special

Beyond the quality of the education it offers, LOU’s success comes from its visionary strategy and supporting structure, professional standards, systems, and support.


The key business strategy for LOU is to provide online training (user-centered) and not just training online (teacher-centered). The key benefit is that the training and progress of the trainee is in the hands of the individual, as they can do it in their own time, at their own pace, to their own level, from anywhere, using most modern internet-enabled devices.


LOU has been designed with an element of variability that enables trainees to start at any level, and then progress from that point. This means that everyone from a “learner laugher” to an already “trained professional,” can join the program and advance from that point.


We have taken the process of quality seriously. All levels have been designed to ensure that the trainee transforms through learning, rather than merely gains information from reading. Our online trainings provide the unique opportunity for people to advance with rigorous assessment. Our trainings are peer-reviewed and validated.


The systems we use have been developed over many years. They are unique in that they are a refreshing, substantiated, and low cost approach to overall wellness that’s grounded in science and cognitive psychology. We follow the Laughter Wellness methodology. Our comprehensive online laughter session planner© allows session facilitators to easily access and retrieve out of over 1001 entries the exercises best adapted to the needs of each of their groups within minutes, thus relieving any kind of performance anxiety.


LOU offers continuing and interactive online support so its students are never left with their problems unresolved. Our comprehensive knowledge base is a repository of almost a decade of questions asked and answered in the field of laughter therapy, laughter wellness, and laughter yoga, all carefully filed so that they are easy to find.