hilarious BuseyismsAmerican actor Gary Busey is a wise man with a hobby that’s really wonderful. He creates sentences from common words in a way that best reflects – from his perspective – the meaning and definition behind them.

For example:

  • LAUGH thus becomes Letting An Unfiltered Giggle Happen.
  • PLAY is Please Laugh At Yourself
  • TEAM is Together Everybody Achieves More

…and so on.

Here is how he explains it:

…and here are 50 hilarious Buseyisms for your enjoyment!

  1. ART: Above Real Truth
  2. AWESOME: A Wonderful Experience Showing Others Magnificent Energy
  3. BABY: Being A Beautiful You
  4. BEAUTY: Be Exciting And Understanding To Yourself
  5. BIBLE: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
  6. BULL: Bringing Up Life Lessons
  7. CHAMPION: Creating Happiness And Magical Progress In Overcoming Negativity
  8. CHANGE: Creating Happiness And New Guiding Energy
  9. CHILD: Candid Honesty In Loving Doses
  10. DARE: Doing A Radical Experiment
  11. DAY: Dream Another You
  12. DEATH: Don’t Expect A Tragedy Here
  13. DOUBT: Debating On Understanding Bewildering Thoughts
  14. DREAM: Details Revealing Excitement And Magic
  15. END: Exciting New Direction
  16. FAILING: Finding An Important Lesson Inviting Needed Growth
  17. FAITH: Fantastic Adventures In Trusting Him
  18. FAMILY: Feeding A Miracle ln Loving You
  19. FART: Feeling A Rectal Transmission
  20. FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real
  21. FILM: Feelings Illuminated Like Magic
  22. FORGIVE: Finding Ourselves Really Giving Individuals Valuable Energy
  23. FOUND: Focused On Understanding Natural Direction
  24. GUIDE: Giving Understanding In Detailed Experience
  25. GUITAR: Gaining Understanding In Tunes And Rhythm
  26. HATE: Holding A Treacherous Energy
  27. LAUGH: Letting An Unfiltered Giggle Happen
  28. LAUGH: Loving And Understanding Goofy Humans
  29. LIFE: Living In Forever Eternity
  30. LIGHT: Living In God’s Heavenly Thoughts
  31. LIVE: Learning In Volcanic Energy
  32. LOVE: Living On Victorious Energy
  33. MIRACLE: Moving Into Rapturous Angelic Cosmic Loving Energy
  34. MOTIVATION: Moving Our Thoughts Into Victory And Truth In Overcoming Negativity
  35. MUSIC: Magnificent Unique Sound Inviting Creativity
  36. NOW: No Other Way
  37. NUTS: Never Underestimate The Spirit
  38. PAST: Preoccupation About Spent Time
  39. PATIENCE: Projecting Accepting Thoughts In Every New Challenging Experience
  40. PEACE: Purely Experiencing A Comfortable Energy
  41. PLAY: Please Laugh At Yourself
  42. ROMANCE: Relying On Magnificent And Necessary Compatible Energy
  43. SHAME: Seeing How Another Mistake Explodes
  44. SIN: Self-Imposed Nonsense
  45. SOUL: Showing Others Unconditional Love
  46. STRONG: Stretching To Reach Opportunities Not Given
  47. SURF: Standing Up Riding Free
  48. TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More
  49. TRUTH: Taking Real Understanding To Heart
  50. WIFE: Wanted In Forever Eternity

Read more in his book “Buseyisms”.

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