Inspired By Sue Carter Ansari
Written By Marie Kratz-Jezierski and Sue Carter Ansari

The Lymphatic Mystery Will Now Be Exposed.
What Are Those Lil’ Nubbins? The Question’s Been Posed.
Hundreds Of Lymph Nodes Ceaselessly Cleaning
In Neck, Arms And Groin Send Invaders Careening.
Without These Nodes, Our Immune Systems Won’t Work.
Lymph’s Filtered Through Them So Our Bodies Will Perk.
Flowing Non-Stop In An Upward Direction,
The Faster Lymph Moves, The Less The Infection.
Traveling Upward Without Aid From A Pump,
What Can Be Done To Prevent Lymphatic Slump?
Creating Negative Pressure Is One Mighty Way,
Of Moving More Lymph, Keeping Illness At Bay.
Working Constantly to Keep Us Free From Disease,
Lymph Travels Upward When Our Muscles We Squeeze.
Exercise Is Important, That Is For Sure.
Deep Breathing And Belly Laughs Can Be A Cure.
With Every Guffaw, Lymphatics Will Wiggle,
From A Big Belly Laugh Or A Wee Little Giggle.
Enliven The Flow, That’s The Ultimate Goal.
Laughter’s Fantastic For Body And Soul.
Our Minds And Our Spirits Will Benefit Too.
So Bring On The Laughter And Take Care Of You!

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The claim: Laughter strengthens immunity

The fact (measured): Yes, it does