Kindly appreciate that ALL the resources mentioned on this page
(in particular the phone laughter clubs) are free and offered by volunteers
out of their own goodwill. The advertised dates and times are indications
only. There is usually someone there, but there is no guarantee it will be the case
when you call / show up.

Community laughter clubs are loosely defined as fully independent and self-managed local gatherings of people who just want to laugh as a form of exercise, and choose to feel good about themselves and the world they live in with other like-minded individuals.

How To Find A Laughter Club Near You
Online Laughter Clubs
Telephone Laughter Clubs
Universal Laughter Room: Laugh Online, Live, 24/7

Do you need help getting started? We offer flexible 1 and 2 days, cost-effective trainings to help people start their own Community Laughter Club. 6 participants minimum.

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