Laughter Yoga is a very interesting phenomenon from a scientific perspective, because it’s so challenging to study in a rigorous way. There are various reasons for this, which I get into in greater detail in the podcast. I also delve into some of the existing research on the subject and I ask to what extent is the laughter aspect of Laughter Yoga the primary factor in promoting changes in people’s well-being?

During the episode I mention the difficulty which arises when one tries to define laughter and that I’ll provide a couple of funny definitions for laughter from some well known dictionaries. Here are three. The first two are funny because they offer a circular definition. The third one is just plain funny:

  1. Merriam Webster Dictionary: A sound of or as if of laughing
  2. The Free Dictionary by Farflex: The action of or noise produced by laughing
  3. Urban Dictionary: When a smile has an orgasm


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