Why Laughter Helps In Cancer Prevention and Recovery, Creates Humorglobins

Many cancer survivors claim to have greatly benefited from laughter as a complementary option to the other established therapeutic strategy they chose to pursue.

celebrateHere are possible reasons why:

4 months of laughter helped me greatly recover. Before I couldn’t move my fingers or walk. Now I can walk, and dance, and hug. My advice to people who suffer from cancer is don’t give up. There is hope for the future.Nasuko Yamaguchi, breast cancer survivor

Cancer patients find it very easy to laugh with therapeutic approaches to laughter such as Laughter Wellness and Laughter Yoga because:

  • It provides a laughter delivery system that does not require medical clowns, joke books, funny videos or a sense of humor. No outer stimuli are necessary. Laughter is used as an elective form of exercise: You choose to laugh, simply because you can. The motivation is to simulate laughter to stimulate and unlock its many health benefits.
  • It provides a non-intellectual path to laughter. While humor is wonderful and powerful, because it requires intellectual stimuli it’s a hard path to follow when one is in emotional turmoil and becomes depressed. Methods such as Laughter Wellness on the other hand can easily be done regardless of mood.

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Sebastien GendryAbout the author: Sebastien Gendry is the founder and CEO of the Laughter Online University as well as The Laughter Consultants, Inc., a business dedicated to helping those organizations who wish to boost moral and productivity, or reduce stress and costs. A leading global expert on Laughter Therapy, he helps individuals and businesses introduce and/or re-establish the energy of laughter in their lives and work for better health, wellbeing and peak performance. Sebastien has over 10 years of full-time experience in his field working with 1000s on four continents.

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Sebastien Gendry

Sebastien Gendry is an international expert in wellness and wellbeing with over 11 years of full-time experience teaching and training 1,000s of people on four continents. He has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, 60 minutes, ABC Good Morning America, National Public Radio and many more national media. He is the creator of Laughter Wellness, a new form of lifestyle medicine that offers valid, sustainable and reliable tools to unlock the many healing benefits of laughter and exponentially improve cooperation, creativity and overall wellness and wellbeing in body, mind and spirit. Sebastien currently dedicates most of his time running The Laughter Consultants, a team of professional wellbeing experts, as well as The Laughter Online University, a leading provider of eLearning solutions on Laughter Therapy, with students in 33 countries.

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