>>Infectious laughter: 9 videos to see how long you can resist

Infectious laughter: 9 videos to see how long you can resist

One possible reason to explain why laughter can be so infectious is that even though we laugh from all over our brain, laughter’s control mechanisms are located a long way away from brain regions that control higher functions such as language or even memory.

Perhaps this explains why it is so hard to suppress a laugh even if we know it is inappropriate, or why the brain responds even when we smile at ourselves in the mirror or simulate laughing with enthusiasm. Once a laugh is kindled deep within our brains these ‘higher function’ brain regions have trouble intervening.

Whatever the reason, here are 9 videos to see how long you can resist. Prepare to be very challenged!

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Sebastien Gendry is an American expert on laughter and how to unlock its many benefits to promote wellness and wellbeing in everyday life, at home and at work. A work-related burnout and ensuing journey towards recovery led him to discover and fall in love with the world of therapeutic laughter in the early 2000s. He has since traveled close to one million miles over the past decade offering a variety of laughter and empowerment programs to 1,000s of people on four continents, and continues to do so. [Read more.]

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