>>All forms of laughter are not desirable

All forms of laughter are not desirable

The suicide of famed actor and comedian Robin Williams surprised many people. How is it possible that a man with a heart of gold, the king of comedy who could make anybody laugh, one who had what so many aspire to, fell into depression and drug abuse, and in time contracted a disease so bad that he eventually killed himself?

This reminds me of the story of Frank Ferrante, an overweight guy with deep spiritual wounds and an enormous sense of humor who laughed lots, made others laugh, but still felt like dying. The jokes were on him, all self-deprecating. Truth is, Frank hated himself.

Unlike that of Robin Williams, his story has a happy ending though. To cut a long story short, Frank changed his lifestyle and learned – amongst many other things – to stop laughing at but rather to laugh with; not laugh to push away his pain but to embrace it and develop compassion.

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Here is the full story (By Robert C. Koehler)

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