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  • Included
  • Estimated study time
  • Support
  • Terms
  • Limited support, no diplomaJust the resources
  • Stand Alone
  • Level 1

  • Acquire a solid skillset to facilitate group laughter programs with the general public, as well as learn everything you need to know to start, run and successfully grow your own Laughter Club.
  • Training modules 1-3 + LOU Library 1 year membership + Bonus online learning module for level 1 with pro tips, tricks and insights + 7 weekly 60 minutes webinars, recorded and available for replay (see agenda below) + 1 hour one-on-one final review and assessment with a Level 3 Laughter Wellness teacher + Private blog + Certified Laughter Wellness Teacher, Level 1 diploma.
  • You will need a minimum of 2-3 hours / week for 8 weeks if you want to stay on track with the group study and course assignments and complete your level 1 training within 2 months.
  • Personalized feedback on all your assignments + Study partner program + Private level 1 discussion forum + 1 year email support
  • 1 year membership.
    Optional annual renewal of $99 keeps your access to all this material + all premium resources of the LOU Library.
  • US$195
  • US$345
  • Level 2

  • Acquire pro skills for all aspects of your laughter business and/or activities. We won't do the work for you, but if you follow our guidance we guarantee you will get your diploma within 12 months or less.
  • All level 1 resources + Training modules 4-6 + LOU Library 1 year membership + Bonus online learning module for level 2 with pro tips, tricks and insights + 7 weekly 60 minutes webinars, recorded and available for replay (see agenda below) + 2x 1 hour one-on-one review and assessment sessions with Sebastien Gendry + Private blog + Certified Laughter Wellness Teacher, Level 2 diploma.
  • You will need a minimum of 3-4 hours / week for 8 weeks if you want to stay on track with the group study and course assignments and complete your level 2 training within 2 months.
  • Personalized feedback on all your assignments + Study partner program + Private level 2 discussion forum + 1 year email support
  • 1 year membership.
    Optional annual renewal of $99 keeps your access to all this material + all premium resources of the LOU Library.
  • US$295
  • Upgrade inside of your LOU control panel. Must have completed level 1.
  • Level 3

  • Perfect yours skills, Learn to train others. We won't do the work for you, but if you follow our guidance we guarantee you will get your diploma + a full return on investment within 12 months or less.
  • All level 2 resources + LOU Library 1 year membership + One 3-day week-end + the laughter business training program months 1-3 (US$395 value) + 6 monthly support and Q&A level 3 web conferences + 2x 1 hour one-on-one review and assessment sessions with Sebastien Gendry + Private blog + Hands-on practice teaching level 1 and 2 students + Certified Laughter Wellness Teacher, Level 3 diploma.
  • At this level you should know that nothing happens just by thinking about it. Plan for at least 3-4 hours per week for 6 months if you want to stay on track with the group study and course assignments and complete your level 3 training in that timeframe.
  • Personalized feedback on all your assignments + Study partner program + Private level 3 discussion forum + 1 year email support
  • 1 year membership.
    Optional annual renewal of $99 keeps your access to all this material + all premium resources of the LOU Library.
  • no
  • Upgrade inside of your LOU control panel. Must have completed level 2.
  • Level 3 Platinum

  • The optimum training option, highly customized, designed to make sure you meet your laughter goals. We guarantee a full return on investment within 12 months or less.
  • This is our ultimate program designed to guarantee your long-term success. It includes the full level 1, 2 and 3 training (US$1,499 value), the 12 months laughter business training program (US$1,499 value) and a customized 1-1 coaching and small group study program with a variety of experts in the field based on your particular needs and ambitions (priceless).
  • This depends on your level of abilities at the beginning of the program, what you want to achieve, and how fast. Plan on a 1 year commitment @ 3 hours per week on average + one 3-day week-end.
  • Study partner program + Private level 3 discussion forum + Unlimited email and phone support. We won't do the work for you for if we do you won't learn, but we'll show you the path and guide you along the way.
  • Lifetime
  • no
  • US$4,995
Easy payment plans

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Online Laughter Wellness Level 1 Training
Online Laughter Wellness Level 2 Training

Level 3 training roadmap coming very shortly. It is designed in such a way that your training should be paid in full before you even complete it.

Module 2: Laughter Alone - Simple Ways To Feel Better, Anytime, Anywhere
Module 3: Laughter Yoga The American Way
Module 4: Laughter Wellness
Module 5: Laughter In The World - Tips And Tricks To Laugh With Various Populations.
Module 6: Laughter As A Business - How To Start And Maintain Your Own Laughter Practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between Laughter Yoga and what you teach? 2017-03-03T12:10:22+00:00
Do you offer payment plans? 2017-02-22T16:41:17+00:00

Yes, we do offer easy payment plans whereby an agreed amount is charged directly to your bank account or credit card every month. Contact us for more information.

What if I can’t attend a weekly online webinar? 2017-02-22T16:41:28+00:00

Life happens and that’s OK. We record all our online webinars and you will be able to both view them online and/or download them at your convenience about 2 hours after they end.

I am a Laughter Yoga Leader/Teacher. Can I start directly at level 2 or 3? 2017-02-22T16:41:39+00:00

Please first read this.

What you have learned will help you, but it’s not a substitute for anything we teach. However much we’ve tried to accommodate people like you in the past, the learning curve is too steep and it doesn’t work.

The very minimum we require is that you first sign up for the modules 1-6 membership (just the resources – US$299) and study that. Contact us to discuss.

I am already a Laughter Yoga leader/teacher. What am I going to learn that I don’t already know? 2017-02-22T16:41:48+00:00

Look at it this way. Being a professional pianist does not make you automatically a professional drummer or guitarist. Knowing how to read music and play with others however will be of great help to you if you want to learn to play any other musical instrument.

Said differently, imagine a house with many rooms. The one you are in has a view that is simply what it is: a particular way of looking at what’s around you. There is always more.

What we offer is a different vision of laughter even though, in truth, “laughter” is not what it’s really about. Do not confuse the tool for the end result. This is about the breath and therefore (1) life and health, (2) our connection and relationship with the sacred both inside and outside of us, and (3) our connection and relationship with others, which is to say ourselves. Laughter can help provide wellness. Fully understanding what you are doing provides stability. Combine both and what you get is sustainable wellbeing, having fun making a difference. That’s what you will learn with us.

Will my membership automatically renew? 2017-02-22T16:41:57+00:00

No. You can purchase in confidence knowing that we won’t bill you in the future without your explicit consent.

Can I use the training to help myself? 2017-02-22T16:42:08+00:00

A good education as a laughter teacher begins with understanding yourself and using strategies to improve your own life and circumstances. When you are courageous enough to work on yourself, you gain the experience and “muscle” to help others in a more effective and heartfelt way. Most of our students experience significant personal growth during the first several months, and then learn how to use that personal change to help others.

What is the difference in structure and content between the in-person and the online training? 2017-02-22T16:42:17+00:00

Difference in structure: You will have a much higher degree of interaction and personal experience in the in-person training.

Difference in content: You will learn much more online. Only so much material can be covered in an in-person workshop.

Is the diploma for this online training equivalent to the in-person Laughter Wellness training? 2017-02-22T16:43:04+00:00

It’s the same diploma. What’s different is how you receive your education. To be clear, nothing can beat an in-person training with an able trainer. This is what we recommend if you have that option. You can always come back to us later if/when you want to learn more.

Does this training entitle me to run my own Laughter club and offer laughter programs to clients? 2017-02-22T16:43:07+00:00

You don’t need to train to do that and can start now using your own brand name if you feel you are ready. All education does (ours and anybody else’s) is (1) help you learn much faster and avoid time-consuming and costly mistakes and (2) give you access to an established brand name and material. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.

Is your certificate the same as the Laughter Yoga teacher diploma? 2017-02-22T16:43:17+00:00

What we teach includes but offers a new vision of Laughter Yoga within a much wider framework. Our curriculum was written by Sebastien Gendry, one of the first Master Laughter Yoga trainers who played a major role in introducing Laughter Yoga in America, Russia and other countries. The full Laughter Yoga curriculum is included in our module 3, and we significantly build on it from there.

Will this training help me pursue further study in professional laughter therapy? 2017-02-22T16:43:37+00:00

The world of Laughter Therapy is young and has currently no recognized set standards. Each school offers its own path. You will find the education we offer to be very comprehensive, yet studying with us (or anybody else for that matter) is no guarantee that other schools will accept your diploma for further advanced studies with them. Please check with them directly.

Will the diploma include the word “online” ? 2017-02-22T16:43:46+00:00

Our online diplomas (if the membership you are subscribed to includes one) are issued by the Laughter Online University.

Is the training endorsed by any known international yoga institute? 2017-02-22T16:43:54+00:00

No, but then no Laughter Therapy training in the world, whatever the tradition, is currently endorsed by any known international yoga institute.

How do I contact support? 2017-02-22T16:44:06+00:00

The best way to get help from support is to send us an email at support@thelaughterconsultants.com (our mother company) and we’ll respond to you as quickly as possible.

Will I receive a hard copy of the diploma of just a soft copy? 2017-02-22T16:44:16+00:00

Starting on February 14th, 2017, we mail out a hard copy of our diplomas (if you are eligible for one) for free in the continental USA. If you live overseas you can purchase a printed copy to be mailed to you for a small fee, otherwise we’ll email you a soft copy.

What do I need to do to graduate? 2017-02-22T16:44:25+00:00

This only applies to our memberships that include a diploma: To graduate you need to pass the quizzes for each of the modules included in your training, complete and submit all the assignments on your checklist, and submit a final paper to us for review. Please always keep a file with all your work on your own computer for your records. Your tuition must also be fully paid.

Is the diploma internationally recognized? 2017-02-22T16:44:34+00:00

Yes, our diploma is recognized internationally, however please check your own country and state requirements for full details specific to you and your area. All around the world people will know that you trained with the best. Our faculty members are recognized experts. They are masters in the art of using laughter to help people to heal in body, mind and spirit. Sebastien Gendry is breaking new ground in the field of Laughter Therapy, expanding it through his constant invention of creative new strategies and teaching tools. This reflects on you. Your clients will know that you learned from the best in the field.

When can I start working with clients? 2017-02-22T16:44:42+00:00

Any time you feel ready. This is a very personal decision and often has a lot to do with one’s previous life experience. We recommend you teach a minimum of 50 laughter sessions before you consider selling your laughter services. In the meantime, attend your local Laughter Club or start one yourself to build your confidence. We also recommend that you start explaining what you are learning to friends and family members. Teaching is often the best way to learn and it will be great practice for your client work.

Do I need special insurances to be a laughter teacher? 2017-02-22T16:44:51+00:00

In general: This will depend on your country, state, and the types of people you help. Please check the specific guidelines and requirements for you and your area.

In particular: If you have checked and you are not covered by anybody else’s general liability policy, then it is a good idea to get your own for peace of mind. You may want to review your existing insurance policies and/or ask your insurance broker for advice. You may not need a new plan.

For insurance purposes Laughter Wellness Teachers are akin to fitness or yoga professionals. The cost of public liability insurance in the USA varies between $125 and $300 per year. Popular insurance companies include www.phly.comwww.alternativebalance.net, www.sportsfitness.comIDEA Health & Fitness Association and Yoga Journal.

Will I need a state license to practice? 2017-02-22T16:45:00+00:00

In general: This will depend on your country and state, the types of people you help and who is paying you. Please check the specific guidelines and requirements for you and your area.

In America: There are currently no regulations on Laughter Wellness teachers, or any other types of Laughter Professionals for that matter. You do not need to be certified, registered, or licensed in order to offer laughter programs. This means that unless required by an establishment (e.g., gym or health club) instructors are not required to hold any certification in order to work as an instructor. In fact, some of the most experienced and well-known teachers have never been certified, registered, or licensed. That is because “Laughter Therapy” is a relatively recent concept, especially in regards to teaching it.

What will I be able to call myself once I complete the training? 2017-02-22T20:30:35+00:00

The world of Laughter Therapy is not currently regulated and we have seem people with the same training call themselves Laughter Consultants, Laughter Trainers, Gelotologists or Laughologists (experts in laughter), Laughter instructors/practitioners, happiness/laughter engineers, or more simply Laughter Professionals.

If the membership you are subscribed to include a diploma, then upon completion of your studies you will be Certified as a Laughter Wellness Teacher Level 1, 2 or 3 and that is what we recommend you call yourself. This title has value. Claim it with pride.

Do I have to attend the classes or calls live? 2017-02-22T20:30:40+00:00

You don’t have to attend the classes or calls live if your schedule doesn’t allow. If you miss a call you can go to your class calendar and listen to the replay at a time that suits you.

Can I download the videos? 2017-02-22T20:30:47+00:00

Yes, you can. What you can’t do though is share them or post them online. Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, all of the material inside the LOU campus (that’s everywhere on our website after you have had to login) is copyrighted and we take this topic very seriously. In general: We already share a lot of free resources. Please respect our work.

Do you offer discounts or scholarships? 2017-02-22T20:30:56+00:00

We do offer group discounts, e.g., couples and multiple family members within the same household. Contact us for more information.

We do not offer scholarships at this point in time. If your budget is tight for whatever reason we encourage you to start studying and practicing what you will learn in our free resources and then take it from there.

What forms of payment do you accept? 2017-02-22T20:31:05+00:00

We accept all major credit cards, money orders cash for local customers, and numerous other payment alternatives (not everybody has a credit card.) Contact us for more information.

The only thing we don’t accept are personal checks.

Is your site reliable? Is it safe to supply my credit card online? 2017-02-22T20:31:13+00:00

The security of your personal information is important to us. When you enter sensitive information (such as credit card numbers) on our website, we encrypt that information using secure socket layer technology (SSL). When Credit Card details are collected, we simply pass them on to our bank in order to be processed as required. We do NOT store credit card information on our local server. We follow generally accepted industry standards (firewalls and other security measures) to protect the personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive it. Read our privacy policy.

You are welcome to call us at +1 626 755 5999 in case you prefer to pay on the phone. We also accept money orders.

Are there hidden fees? 2017-02-22T20:31:22+00:00

There are no hidden fees. What we advertise is what you pay, and that’s it.

What is your refund policy? 2017-02-22T20:31:31+00:00

All our online trainings and subscriptions come with a full 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, then we’re not. To get your refund simply contact us and kindly tell us the reason for your refund request, so that we can learn from it. We stand behind our products and are committed to your success because we want to grow with you. Your refund will occur within 30 business days following your cancellation.

What internet browsers do you support? 2017-02-22T20:31:41+00:00

We rely on current mainstream internet technology that is platform independent. The experience you will have with us will be the same as the one you have normally browsing the internet and watching videos on sites such as www.youtube.com and www.vimeo.com, regardless of what browser or device(s) you are using.

In the extremely rare event where what we offer doesn’t work on your existing setup then all you have to do is cancel within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund you in full.

This being said, we recommend that you use an up-to-date major browser (e.g., chrome, firefox, internet explorer, safari) with a modern device that is less than 3 years old. This is not a must-have, but it will make your experience much more enjoyable.

Can I take the courses on my iPhone or smartphone? 2017-02-22T20:31:50+00:00

Yes. Likewise, you can take a shower with a raincoat on – it’s technically possible – but that’s not necessarily the most enjoyable way to do that. It’s your call, really.

Is internet access always required? 2017-02-22T20:31:59+00:00

This is one of those questions that’s both a yes and a no. You can download a lot of our material and study it offline but not all of it. Overall, having easy access to a good broadband or network connection will guarantee an optimal experience of our online training modules. If you do not have a computer and/or internet access, then consider visiting your local library. Most have those and offer them as a free service to the general public.

Do I need any particular software to access the online trainings? 2017-02-22T20:32:38+00:00

We live in an increasingly complex world that needs not be intimidating. Make sure all your software are up-to-date and you will never have any problem, anywhere.

If you can read this and did not have to wait undue amounts of time for this page to display, you already have all the technology you need to enjoy most of the tools in our online training suite.

That’s it.

As a rule of thumb, a DSL connection with a downstream bandwidth of at least 1 Mbps or higher is recommended for smoothest playback of online videos. You can test your downstream bandwidth at www.speedtest.net

Can I take more than one training at a time? 2017-02-22T20:32:43+00:00

You can do anything you want, and our advice is that you take one course at a time and complete it before you move on to the next.

Do I have to be online at a specific time to take a training? 2017-02-22T20:32:53+00:00

Yes and no, but more no than yes.

No: Our online trainings are available around the clock 24/7/365, which means that you can sign-in to study at any time, day or night.

Yes: Your chosen training may include some live and interactive webinars. While those are recorded so that you can watch them at your convenience, we encourage you to login at the scheduled hour to get the most benefits. Live attendance is however not a requirement.

Is there a time requirement to finish the training? 2017-02-22T20:33:02+00:00

In general: Technically the only requirement for you to complete your chosen training is that you have an active membership. You can take years to complete the class if you want to. Our learning center is open 24/7/365 and your membership is valid for 12 calendar months. You can renew after that for a small fee.

In particular: We are committed to helping you finish your training and get the associated diploma within 3 months or less for level 1, and within 4 months or less for level 2. If you choose to not complete it within this timeframe this is OK with us but then you will be on your own.

Can I still have access to the site after I get my diploma? 2017-02-22T20:33:11+00:00


You can access all of the material and resources associated with your training as long as you subscription is valid, which it s a full 12 months from the day of your purchase.

Can I login from any computer with my username and password, or am I limited to a single computer? 2017-02-22T20:33:19+00:00

Yes, you can login from any internet-connected computer. However, you can only be logged in to one computer at a time. Our automated system monitors your logins and usage. If it appears that the system is being abused, you will be alerted. You should consider changing your password by editing your profile in the Members area to stop further activity. If continued abuses are logged, you may be in violation of our Terms and Conditions, and your account may be reviewed for possible cancellation.

Can I get a copy of the training on a CD or DVD? 2017-02-22T20:33:28+00:00

Unfortunately, no we do not provide a CD version for any of our online trainings at this point in time. There are too many interactive and multi-media elements for us to be able to do that using the technology we currently have.

Can I sign up for one of your online trainings and allow multiple users to access it? 2017-02-22T20:33:37+00:00

No, you cannot.

First of all this will annoy everybody if you all use the same computer as our learning system keeps track of one person’s progress per account.

Second this will put you at risk of an automatic account freeze as this is a breach of agreement and our server tracks the number of individual IP addresses accessing each individual account.

Third, and to be clear, each subscription is only valid for one person. We offer significant discounts for multiple users, making it worthwhile getting a subscription for each employee. Please contact us for multi-user pricing.

Are the training materials available for review after completion of my chosen course? 2017-02-22T20:33:46+00:00


When you subscribe to any of our online trainings you get access to all of the included resources as long as your membership remains active (you get 12 months to start with, then you must renew for a low price if you want to keep it active).

Why Study Laughter Therapy?


We educate people about the resilient benefits of laughter, meditation and mindfulness. With us you will learn sound, simple and reliable strategies that help to…

Why Study With Us?


Laughter and meditation as daily mindful practices create wellness on physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels, and impact work proficiency and relationships at their core.

Leading edge. Beyond the quality of the education it offers, LOU’s success comes from its visionary strategy and supporting structure, professional standards, systems, and support.
Worldwide Community.  We currently have students in 42 countries, and counting. They are people who want to help themselves, their family, peers and/or clients of all ages to laugh to “live fully until they die” in a variety of social, professional and corporate settings.
Reliable. We have been active full-time at the highest level in our field since 2005, offering a variety of laughter programs to 1,000s on 4 continents.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee! Your purchases with us are all 100% risk free. If you’re not satisfied, then we’re not.
Support. We do offer various levels of support, but regardless of which membership you have one thing is constant: We're based in America and 100% behind you. With us you will never be left with your questions unanswered.



“The program of the Laughter Online University is excellent. It demonstrates well how to achieve competency in teaching laughter-based programs. You have done a magnanimous job with a mountain of knowledge.”

Happy online Laughter Therapy training student

Dennis Stalvey

Jörg Helms: “I highly recommend LOU”

Salimah Kassim-Lakha: “My repertoire quadrupled”

Nihat Tsolak: “The amount of research, resources and videos is incredible”

Matty O’Shea: “It saves me so much time and money!”

“This was a great way to learn how to run laughter sessions and laughter clubs. It gave me all the info I needed to get started.”

Happy Online Laughter Therapy Training Student

Kate Rogers

“This has been one of the best and the most useful online courses I have been through, and I have taken quite a number of online courses. The material is very clear, extended and well researched. Well done!”

Happy Online Laughter Therapy Training Student

Sahar Moussly

“This course was a key factor in learning new Laughter Wellness techniques that I can implement with my clients.”

Happy Online Laughter Therapy Training Student

Carlos Gongora

“I want to let you know that as a long time leader and teacher of laughter (since 2003) I am so impressed by your program, feeling that it does include ALL of the different facets of laughter that are going on, and embracing the many ways to do it, without negating one or the other, but actually celebrating and inviting learning in an inclusive positive way. That is very impressive!”

Happy Online Laughter Therapy Training Student

Lydia Gonzales, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

“What a wonderful way to learn. It blows my mind. I thought I was learning Laughter Therapy to help others and I find it’s helping me. I really didn’t expect
that at all.”

Happy Online Laughter Therapy Training Student

Barbara Legge