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Ideas for laughing with autistic children

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How your session goes will depend how far along the autism spectrum the kids are. 'Autism' is a specific condition, present from early childhood, and characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts. Expect the kids to have trouble connecting with others, take things literally, [...]

General advice about laughing with kids in an auditorium

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The following is the summary of a conversation from the LOU Facebook group on general advice about laughing with kids in an auditorium: Teachers must be in the room and help with discipline - if not, you're in for a ride because if they don't, they leave the beasts loose! NEVER have the kids come on stage [...]

10 common challenges when leading laughter sessions and what to do about them

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It is tempting to believe that facilitating group laughter interventions is simple. This is a true statement, but it omits to clarify that what is simple is not always easy. Here are my proposed answers to 10 common challenges that laughter teachers from all traditions will face sooner or later, and what to do about [...]

Simple exercise to boost your writing abilities

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Here is an interesting exercise to boost your writing creativity: First, spend five minutes writing subject-verb-object sentences; Then, ten minutes of linking sentences; And finally, one long, continuous run-on sentence for twenty minutes. Read more at The importance of play: on finding joy in your writing practice.

Teaching Tip: Enable retention of your content

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Have colored sheets of adhesive dots on tables in workshops. Tell people as they go through your program to “dot” any notes in your materials that they find particularly helpful or resonant so that when they flip through materials afterwards, their personalized key points will pop out. Sometimes, you may want to tell them to [...]