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Does Laughter Have Contraindications?

2016-12-23T13:49:26+00:00 Benefits Of Laughter|

Here is a personal viewpoint: In general Yes. Laughter is contraindicated for people suffering from advanced (bleeding) piles and hemorrhoids or any bleeding tendencies in any part of the body, any acute symptoms of cough, any kind of hernia, cold and fever, epilepsy, heart disease with angina pain, incontinence of urine, persistent cough with breathlessness, [...]

Laughter Big De-stressor, Helps Women Getting pregnant

2016-02-03T20:17:44+00:00 Benefits Of Laughter|

Researchers found that women who laughed for 15-minutes immediately after fertility treatment dramatically increased the chances of a successful pregnancy. IVF patients are often extremely stressed. Read more about how laughter diffuses stress. (It's also one of the least hazardous interventions in medicine!) Here is the full story: Dr. Shevach Friedler an infertility [...]

Why Laughter Is Good Prescription For Leg Ulcers

2016-02-03T20:18:10+00:00 Benefits Of Laughter|

For five years, scientists at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom tested the supposedly latest, greatest medical marvel for healing leg ulcers — treatment with a high tech ultrasound wand. Only, it turns out, it does absolutely nothing to speed up the healing process of leg ulceration. However, the researchers found [...]

Benefits Of Laughter According To The Bible

2017-12-23T16:45:54+00:00 Benefits Of Laughter|

Below are select Bible verses that speak of joy and laughter. In the words of American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr “Humor is a prelude to faith and laughter is the beginning of prayer.” St. Thomas Aquinas himself said “It is requisite for the relaxation of the mind that we make use, from time to time, of [...]

How Laughter Helps With Diabetes

2016-02-03T20:18:34+00:00 Benefits Of Laughter|

Research suggests that laughter helps keep diabetes under control. It is similar to exercise in that it improves the overall performance of the heart’s muscular function and helps ward off heart disease and lower blood sugar. It also stimulates positive emotions and a more positive outlook. Negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, and sorrow are known to [...]

How Laughter Helps In Schools And in the World Of Education

2016-02-09T16:21:22+00:00 Benefits Of Laughter|

Social play is critical to the development of children's social skills and emotional intelligence. Restricted play results in deficient social skills which can lead to life-long physical, mental, emotional and social problems. Laughter promotes childlike playful behavior. New research shows that playful adults continue to learn social skills and improve their emotional intelligence. [...]

The Economics Of Workplace Laughter, Boosts Morale, Positivity, Productivity

2016-02-03T20:16:54+00:00 Benefits Of Laughter|

Our society is facing a major challenge. We live in a sedentary age where repeated exposure to stress, unhealthy lifestyle, food and damaging habits such as the excessive use of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, all negatively affect life at home and at work and are exposing people to major lifestyle diseases, including hypertension, [...]

How Laughter Helps Seniors Stay In Good Health, Good Cheer

2016-05-12T10:58:02+00:00 Benefits Of Laughter|

As the joint family structure crumbles and youngsters steer away from parents, older adults, particularly in the West, find themselves alone either in aged care facilities or old-age homes. They are prone to frequent bouts of depression that often leads to a debilitating condition. About 80% of older adults have one chronic condition, [...]

Why Laughter Scares Depression, Anxiety, Activates Happy Feelings

2017-11-29T08:18:54+00:00 Benefits Of Laughter|

Humans are wired to respond positively to laughter and smiles As it turns out, the human brain is wired to respond positively to laughter and smiles, generating ‘feel-good’ chemicals. The wiring is so strong that the brain responds even when we smile at ourselves in the mirror or simulate laughing with enthusiasm. You can even [...]

Gifts Laughter Offers To People With Disabilities

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Any disability can be experienced as a huge challenge and be hard to live and deal with. Impacted people have to (re)discover themselves and find different ways to fulfill their dreams without slipping into the realms of depression and frustration. It is easy when faced with intense adversity to let oneself experience more intense negative [...]