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Ways to more laughter

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Classic Happy Songs To Make You Dance, Sing & Feel Good

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Singing is powerful, because singing forces you to breathe, and breathing is what sustains you life. Below is a list of classic happy songs, their lyrics, guitar chords and video so that you can sing along: Classic Happy songs Bare Necessities ─ The Jungle Book (Disney) Chim chim cher-ee - From "Mary Poppins" by [...]

10 ideas to blend the energy of laughter into your daily life

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The following ideas will only make sense to you if you understand that laughter can be simulated and the outcome of a choice rather than a response to an external stimuli. The impact of that awareness is significant, because it means that how you feel or what you think at any given point in time do not [...]

40 ideas to experience childlike playfulness as adults

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Laughter leads to playfulness, and playfulness equally leads you back to laughter. An easy way to laugh spontaneously more is to play more, because laughter is a natural outcome of playful behaviors. Give yourself permission to play every day! Here is list of 40 ideas to experience childlike playfulness - the preciousness of fantasy and imagination [...]