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Do I need public liability insurance to teach Laughter Therapy?

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If you have checked and you are not covered by anybody else’s general liability policy, then it is a good idea to get your own for peace of mind. Always give ample of consideration to safe practice if you choose to go without! You may also want to review your existing insurance policies and/or ask [...]

Key questions to ask before implementing something new

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The best time to change your website, your content marketing, or anything that implements your brand is after that brand is solidified. Otherwise, your implementation will not get traction. If you are barking up the wrong tree, barking longer and louder won’t change anything.

Business Tips 2015

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Business Books To Read eBook: The 80/20 principle (by Richard Koch). eBook: The Wisdom of Crowds 790 business book summaries with personality. Insights you can apply in five minutes. Free ebooks on how to do business for people in the speaking trade. (Excellent!) Tips For Sales Patients hospitalized for cancer treatment commonly use complementary and integrative [...]

Business Tip: Understanding the Business Life Cycle

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Step 1. Concept. Every business begins as an idea. Step 2. Implementation. Within six to twelve months that idea will work or it won’t. If it doesn’t, then start again with another idea, or a new approach to the existing one. Step 3. Growth. If the idea does work, then it grows and starts [...]

Business Tip: Coaching or Mentoring. Which is the right one for me?

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At some stage of your personal or professional journey you may feel that you need some help from an external source. This is when people seek out a coach or a mentor but the burning question is often “What is the difference between the two and which one is right for me?” Coaching is about [...]

Business Tip: Growing the pie is BIG PICTURE thinking

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Business is about making money and achieving a vision … for YOUR business. BIG PICTURE thinking is about how we can make money for others, and help them to achieve their vision. “But why would I want to do this?” I hear you ask. Because if we “grow the pie” there will be abundance for [...]