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Clapping hands can change your life: Science, Testimonial, Video

2016-03-31T08:55:44+00:00 Blog Laughter Therapy|

Clapping hands is really good for you! According to several well established healing modalities (acupressure, acupuncture, reflexology, and various adaptations of the above), the hands and palms have numerous reflex points that, when stimulated, engage the body's healing response and prompt a gradual (sometimes near immediate) improvement in any type of ailment.

The 6th public speaking secret of the world’s top minds: Laughter

2016-03-20T20:08:08+00:00 Blog Laughter Therapy|

Carmile Gallo in his highly acclaimed book ‘Talk Like TED: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets from World’s Top Minds" (2014), devotes the 6th secret on lightening up with laughter. Here are four simple ways to add more laughter to your speech.

Gelos, God of Laughter and Warriors?

2016-03-20T21:17:08+00:00 Blog Laughter Therapy|

Was Gelos - Greek God of Laughter - also a god of warriors? The answer is not as clear cut as you may think. This article reviews humor in Ancient Greece, and how Sparta - home to its most military organized and brutal people - was one of the only two ancient Greek city-states known to have built a special temple for Gelos in which to worship him. A proposed explanation is that "It is easier to practice psychological honesty about dark aspects of human existence with the protective shield of laughter."

The Three Stages Of Playfulness, And Why Timing Matters

2016-02-29T21:15:52+00:00 Blog Laughter Therapy|

Laughter Yoga advocates childlike playfulness and that is wonderful, but what many don't understand is that playfulness in the world of adults unfolds in at least three distinct stages. First you have to warm up to it, then you have to consolidate it, and then you can do what you want that is outside of [...]

The Duke SMILE Studies: Can Exercising Replace Antidepressants?

2016-02-25T09:21:54+00:00 Blog Laughter Therapy|

Blumenthal and colleagues conducted several randomized controlled trials in 2000 comparing the effects of aerobic exercise to antidepressant medication. These were called the SMILE (Standard Medical Intervention & Long-term Exercise) studies. For the record, depression is a common disorder that is associated with compromised quality of life, increased health care costs, and greater risk for [...]

Laughter Yoga: The Trouble With Research

2017-01-26T20:58:10+00:00 Blog Laughter Therapy|

Laughter Yoga is a very interesting phenomenon from a scientific perspective, because it’s so challenging to study in a rigorous way. There are various reasons for this, which I get into in greater detail in the podcast. I also delve into some of the existing research on the subject and I ask to what extent [...]

Poem: Lymphatics And Laughter

2015-12-18T09:22:55+00:00 Blog Laughter Therapy|

Inspired By Sue Carter Ansari Written By Marie Kratz-Jezierski and Sue Carter Ansari The Lymphatic Mystery Will Now Be Exposed. What Are Those Lil’ Nubbins? The Question’s Been Posed. Hundreds Of Lymph Nodes Ceaselessly Cleaning In Neck, Arms And Groin Send Invaders Careening. Without These Nodes, Our Immune Systems Won’t Work. Lymph’s Filtered Through Them [...]