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Is Laughter Really About Happiness? Reviewing 4 States Of Being, From Pleasure To Bliss

2018-02-06T08:08:01+00:00 Laughter Blog|

I hear many of my colleagues associate laughter with happiness. While I understand where they are coming from, I have a different perspective. But first let's review the definition of 4 different states of being (*) to see where happiness fits in there: 1. Pleasure: Is a "physiological" sensation rooted in the body. Examples of [...]

The Laughter Mental Health Survey

2018-04-03T19:15:39+00:00 Laughter Blog|

This survey is an attempt to qualify and quantify the claim that laughter helps people with a mental illness reduce their medication. It is a collaborative effort between the Laughter Online University and Laughter Yoga Australia. Please do not assume anything from it and consult with your physician for questions about your own health and how [...]